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Bathroom Shower Doors – 5 Stylish and Practical Options

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Stylish and Practical Options for Bathroom Shower Doors to Choose from

There is a large variety of styles and designs available for bathroom shower doors. The easiest way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom is by investing in a stylish shower door. However, the daunting task to select the best product is sometimes overwhelming especially when you are not aware of the pros and cons of different types of bathroom shower doors. Here is a complete guide to help you select the most popular and viable options for your shower enclosures.

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Sliding Door

Everyone loves the feeling of spaciousness in their bathrooms, and the best way to optimize the space is by investing in sliding doors for the bathroom shower. Usually, these doors are made from two or three panels that run on tracks situated at the top and bottom of the doors. These days, you can avail sliding doors with aluminum frame and transparent or semi-transparent plastic or glass.

Pros of sliding door:

  • The best thing about sliding doors is that they look very appealing on large shower cubicles and these days sliding doors are getting immensely popular for corner standalone showers due to their space saving design.
  • It is easy to install sliding doors above the bathtubs or shower stall.

Cons of sliding door:

  • Sliding doors operate on tracks, which sometimes can get off the track and create a problem in smooth opening and closing.
  • The problem of off-tracking is very common that you need to pay extra attention every time you use these doors.

Framed Door

A thin glass and a metal frame make a stylish framed shower door which ensures toughness. These doors look best in corner shower cubicles with space constraints.

Pros of framed door:

  • The best thing about framed doors is that they are a stylish and stronger option.
  • Metal frames ensure thedurability of these doors.

Cons of framed door:

  • Framed doors consist of metal framing which may not be resistant to rusting.
  • The accumulation of soap scum and water in the frames can raise the problem of bacteria and termite growth.

Frameless Door

These doors give the spacious and seamless look. People love installing frameless doors because they are the best choice to have a smooth and well-furnished look in the bathroom.

Pros of the frameless door:

  • Frameless doors are easy to clean, and the glass can look super clean with a good wipe.
  • There is no problem related to rusting and mildew growth.
  • Frameless doors are durable and long lasting.

Cons of the frameless door:

  • The only drawback with frameless doors is their cost. These doors look stylish, but frameless doors are expensive as compared to the other options.

Folding Door

Want to install a shower door with a unique look? If yes then try folding door that has one swinging panel which opens on hinges.

Pros of thefolding door:

  • Folding doors are space-saving and work best for smaller bathrooms.
  • Folding doors are trackless and easy to access.
  • It is extremely easy to clean such doors.

Cons of thefolding door:

  • Folding doors open on hinges that might be susceptible to rusting and mildew growth, so these doors require consistent maintenance.

Bi-fold Shower Door

Add a touch of sophistication to your smaller bathroom with bi-fold shower doors. Designed with two panels these doors prevent trickling of water on the bathroom floor.

Pros of thebi-fold door:

  • Bi-fold doors are easy to install.
  • You can have such doors above a bathtub.

Cons of thebi-fold door:

  • Proper cleaning is necessary to have these doors in smooth working conditions.

Redefine the elegance and make an informed decision by comparing the popular options for shower doors on the basis of their pros and cons.

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  1. I am considering a frame door for my bathroom, please suggest the budget as well or if any other option that I can choose in budget-friendly price.

  2. Bathroom shower doors can be found in a large variety of designs and styles. These designs are the easiest way to improve the look. In addition, it enhances the entire feel of your bathroom by investing in a stylish shower door. One can also find sliding doors that are immensely popular due to their space-saving design option.

  3. This article is very helpful for me because I am an interior designer. Personally, I prefer the sliding door Over The Other because it suits my bathroom structure and the theme of the house. I like the way this article describes the pros and cons of every style of Door. Thank you for sharing such an organized article.


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