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Increase Beauty of Your Home Using Artificial Grass

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You see those beautiful homes all of the time in magazines like Home & Garden and Southern Living. They have manicured lawns that are lush green, have grass of uniform length, and look like nature’s wonderland. The unspoken secret behind many of these ‘perfectly manicured’ lawns (and gardens) is artificial grass. If you are wondering how using artificial grass for home and lawn will benefit you, this article is a must-read because this topic is discussed in detail below.

Did you know that using artificial grass on your balcony will increase your home’s value?

“I never knew that using artificial grass for balcony will increase the value of my home.  Since I am always eager to increase the equity in my home, please tell me more! If you are like most Indians, your home or apartment is very small given land restrictions. Your balcony may, therefore, be the only ‘green area’ on your home’s exterior. Using artificial grass on your balcony will make it seem larger, cleaner, neater, and more welcoming to your guests. Unnatural grass is easier to maintain than real grass because it never needs to be trimmed or watered. One benefit you will love about unnatural grass is that it looks, feels, and acts like real grass!

Isn’t Artificial Grass Expensive

“What is the artificial grass price? I imagine it is much more expensive than real grass is!” Well, you are right with this assumption, but unnatural grass more than pays for itself because of the extra equity it gives your home by giving it a neater, cleaner, and more beautiful look. You will be making a huge investment initially when you install men made grass squares or carpets in various areas on your home’s exterior. Depending on its quality, an artificial grass square runs in the $5 – $20 price range. The good news is that your investment in men made grass for your home will be zero for the next 15-20 years once installed. This will save you hundreds, if not thousands and lots of time!

I have heard of grass carpets, what are they?

“Please tell me more about the artificial grass carpet.” I hear and read about them constantly, but know very little about them!” men made grass carpets come in various types of grass (there are many species of grass in existence), sizes, qualities, and prices. You can buy them online on gardening and home improvement stores like Home Depot. They are installed on the exterior of your home and instantly beautify it.

What are artificial grass mats?

“A store rep once mentioned the man-made grass mat to me. I would love to know more about it!” Well, they are really grass rugs. Stores like Walmart sell them. These mats are synthetic (they are made by machines). They use materials like propylene and this is the reason why you don’t have to maintain them after they are installed. The best part is that they are waterproof so they protect the upper area of the surface(s) which they rest on.  Because they are very beautiful and blend into any environment or background, you can use them inside or outside of your home.

How much does men made grass cost per square foot?

“What is the unnatural grass price per square foot?” The answer applies to those living in India. You can get artificial grass prices per square foot at around INR 35. While it may seem costly, it is actually a bargain given the higher prices Westerners pay. This is a great investment since you will have many years of no maintenance costs! Note that some artificial grass types cost up to INR 320 per square foot depending on size and quantity.

Now you can make your home look as beautiful as a mansion

Now that you know that the secret to the beautiful homes (and gardens) which you constantly see in home and gardening magazines is unnatural grass, you can make your home look as beautiful as a mansion!

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  1. The balcony is one of my favorite areas in my home and I wanted to give it a natural touch. I have placed a lot of planters here and with the artificial grass placement, it looks flourishing. I get the exact garden look in my balcony. I loved how the artificial grass idea is available. I mean less maintenance yet stunning look.

  2. The artificial grass looks stunning in my space. I have used it on my balcony and it look so fresh and natural. It is totally a crowd pleaser! It requires minimal maintenance and the material does not attract dust, which makes it worth the price.

  3. Artificial grass isn’t just for expansive lawns; it’s a secret weapon for enhancing the value and appeal of even the smallest spaces, like balconies. By opting for artificial grass, you’re not only transforming your balcony into a lush oasis but also adding value to your home. This low-maintenance solution offers year-round greenery without the hassle of upkeep, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers or renters.


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