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Giving New looks to your Old Bedroom Switchboards

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What about the idea of giving new looks to your old switchboards? I know these switchboards  hold special position in the house as they carry more complex interconnected electrical connections of various household requirements like fan, television, washing machine, kitchen appliances, air conditioner and many more things which can even think of. 

Though in today’s  modern homes, we have sophisticated switches and more than that we have push button which  actually does not require any boards for enhancing their looks as they have own their own.

But  there are some old-fashioned switch board in some corner of the home whether to consider in  store rooms or any other less required room. 

So, one idea comes in mind that why not enhance  these board with some artistry work? As these looks boring and seems unpleasant on our walls  in today’s modern style house, so there is need to improvise them somehow so they look  elegant.

If we prefer painting the walls or adding wallpaper look to it, it does not add any  creativity to the wall which implies towards simplicity. 

Adding creativity like characters,  natural looks reframes the look soothing to our mind when we see. Many of us are not aware  of the kind of art we can add to the switchboards for their new look. 

We all are aware that these  light switchboards gets least attention from housemates as they never exist but they are actually  the important part of home adding lights, giving air through fan, entertainment through  television etc. 

They are actually mishandled by us by the way we use. By modifying them with  different artistic work, we can enhance their look as well as of walls and space around them.

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This idea of creativity around light switchboards is killing the market with its looks and has  become major trend among people. 

This adds spicy touch to the wall if one even has small  room wall. We obviously have plenty of ideas to be to give unique touch these switchboards with our creativity.

You can add characters by painting, or can add vinyl stickers, or even can  decorate with lace around them. So, here comes the list of few creative innovations to give a  new look to your switchboards . 

Creative Switchboard Decoration- Decorative vinyl Stickers 

Creative Switchboard Decoration

They are readily available stickers in various sizes and forms which can be just sticked over  the boards or plates. They are available in many prints like florals, cartoons, characters, animals  and even in any forms and can be selected as per one’s need.  

Creative switchboard idea with Washi Tape 

These tapes are made from bamboo and hemp. They are long durable tape coming in various  prints, and colors. They are available at crafts store.

Creative switchboard idea with Washi TapeThese tapes do not cause any damage when removed from plates and not only this they are available in bright colours giving eclectic look. You can even mix and match different colors to give it a unique look running in your  mind. 

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Creative look with Maps on the boards 

We are aware that we carry different maps while traveling across the world and visiting  different countries, and these are kept as souvenirs which holds precious memories we  created during traveling. 

And also, instead of throwing them away, we can use it as an art  work for reframing switchboards. So they should be tailored in such a way that countries  are seen on the plate. It helps in reusing the paper and thus reducing the paper wastage. 

Instead of this, we can also go along with idea of any memories related to some pictures or  anything. 

Creative idea to cover with fabric 

You might have availability of ample fabrics at home. These include multiple prints, colors, patterns, designs. You can choose any one of them as per your own taste or by  matching up or contrasting up with room color, or even furniture colors. 

Creative idea to cover with fabric

But before proceeding forward you should check with availability of quantity of fabric available with  you as it should be able to cover entire switch board to enhance it’s look. 

To paste fabric  across the board, carefully work and should be focused while removing out board from its  place and note to carefully and neatly trim fabric for outstanding look. 

Painting across the board 

If one is good at art of creating pictures, then one should go with real painting at the sides  of the board for its cute and modern look.

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