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How to choose right Interior Designer

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Thinking of choosing an interior designer for doing up your home? You should have a few pointers in mind before venturing to choose a professional for this project. Choosing the right designer necessitates a little time and effort on your part. Here’s what to know while selecting an interior designer for your home.

Know your own style preferences

Have a proper understanding of your own design and style influences and preferences. You should be as clear as possible with regard to what you prefer in terms of style and also check some design magazines and websites for some basic knowledge. Knowing your own personal preferences is very essential in order to see whether a designer understands the same or not.

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Always check portfolios

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few designers, make sure that you check their portfolios and view projects that they have done in the past. Find out more about their backgrounds, their signature styles and creations.

Have a clearly defined budget

Always have a clear picture of the budget that you can afford prior to choosing an interior designer. This will help you assess the fees quoted by various interior designers with regard to what you can go for. This will help you narrow down your options as well.

Have one-on-one meetings

Make sure that once you have filtered it down to 3-4 candidates, you should hold meetings with them in person. This will help you get a clear idea of which designer understands what you want and is more in sync with your vision, budget and other factors.

Ask all the questions you want

Do not shy away from asking questions. Ask about references that the designer can provide, his/her idea about the project, estimated costs and duration and everything else that you wish to know. Always have specific pointers listed down that you can tick off during the meeting.

Keep yourself open to new possibilities

You will naturally be inclined towards expressing your own opinions about every tiny detail of your dream home. As a result, not everything about a particular interior designer will attract you. You should stay open towards exploring new possibilities in terms of insights and designs and you never know when someone might surprise you!

Always make a thorough comparison

Once you have met all the interior designers that you initially filtered and have jotted down all important points, you should undertake a thorough comparison of these professionals based on parameters such as the budget estimates, projected duration, project ideas and so on. You can even make points related to pros and cons of every designer. Go for the designer who ticks most of the boxes.

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Always sign an agreement

You should make sure that you sign the contract or agreement with the interior designer. All necessary clauses should be there including the agreed duration, the payment, budget limit, tasks to be covered and so on. This will keep you on the safe side.

Have a plan of action in place

Once you have chosen your interior designer work on the modus operandi of your home décor project. Choose where to start and how the project will be executed, the materials required, the phase wise implementation, plans, vendors and furniture and décor items that you wish to keep at home.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your advice on how to choose the right interior designer. I had a terrible experience earlier with a known interior designer. She completely messed up my house. I am glad I followed your advice and chose the right one this time. First, you need to be clear about your requirements. Second, take some time to look at their portfolio. Third, ask for references and meet the designer in person.

  2. Very good tips you have shared. This was we can find out if the Interior designer is worth it or not. We can also find out if the person is genuine or not. I really liked how systematically you have shared all the steps. Thanks a lot for helping us.


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