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2019 Diwali Decoration Ideas and Tips for Beautiful Home

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As the festival of lights and brightness is just around the corner, people in India are pulling up their socks and gearing themselves with different diwali decoration ideas to welcome the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth into their house. Besides intense cleaning and sprucing up the houses, Indians are also looking for some unique and creative decoration ideas for upcoming Diwali 2019.

Cleaning the entire house, painting the interior and exterior, changing and rearranging the furniture and drapes are some of the common chores. It takes care of half of the Diwali Decoration. But beautiful lanterns, candles, diyas, torans and rangolis are some of the elements which can jazz up your house in Diwali, while adding a zest of festivity in it. So, let us find out some amazing and innovative ideas of Diwali Decorations at Home for sprucing it up beautifully and elegantly.

Diwali Decoration with Lanterns

When it comes to elevate the overall ambiance and add an aura of festive in your house, then lanterns are the best things to go with. You will come across with several contemporary and traditional designs in lanterns today which you can use for Diwali 2019.Lanterns Decoration

Some people prefer creating their own lantern at home. You may use online sources and instructions for creating unique and creative lanterns that can be used as Decoration Lights for Home in Diwali 2019.

Tea Lights and Diyas Decoration

Diwali is the festival of lights and it won’t be complete without the integration of colourful tea lights and diyas. The light from diyas not only illuminates the area, but also epitomizes truth, knowledge, victory of good over evil and hope.Tea Lights Decoration

So, illuminating every nook and corner of your house during Diwali is must and to fulfil this need a variety of diyas and Diwali Decoration Lights are available.

Diwali Decoration with Rangoli

It is the age-old tradition to use Rangolis in Homes during Diwali as it graces the entrance and welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity with respect and honour. Rangolis are made out of rice flour, powdered colours and colourful chalks, but now you can also use acrylic colours or flower petals to create Rangolis. Check Diwali Decoration Items Online which would give some other creative ideas to design Rangolis in this coming Diwali 2019.Rangoli Design Ideas

If you are not good in designing Rangolis, check for online Rangoli stickers which are available in a variety of designs and patterns.

Decoration Lights

As mentioned, Diwali is the festival of lights and to adorn your house several strings of lights are used in India. Now you are not limited to regular lights as there are different types and colourful lights available that can be used for decorating your house in Diwali 2019. From tiny fairy lights to lights shaped in leaves to sea shell lights to lights shaped like fruits, animals and even in diya shapes, you will find them all and use it as per your preference and decoration styles.

There are different creative styles for decorating the house using these strings of lights. For empty large spaces in home you may hang the strings of lights like curtain which radiates the look and feel of festive.

Candles and Torans

Replacing diyas with candle is another creative way to decorate your house for Diwali. It lends the wonderful aura of light to its surroundings. It is the versatile item for Diwali decoration which goes well with everything. It is available in a variety of shapes, aroma, material and sizes. In order to give a unique touch to the overall decor, you may go for floating candles.Torans Designs

Torans are actually the bandhanwars that are used in every house to decorate the entrance or the doors of homes so as to welcome the goddess Laksmi and guests with grace. There are fresh flower torans designed in combination of marigold flowers and mango leaves and also other artificial torans which can be purchased at local market. You also have the option to create your own torans if you got the art and craft supplies and the required creativity.

Implement all these creative decorative ideas and use the right Diwali Decoration Items to beatify and jazz up your house in this coming Diwali 2019. Let the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity shower all his positivity, wealth and happiness in your house in Diwali 2019.

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  1. The lanterns and Toran idea is very interesting to me, but it is not easy to find lanterns and Toran in every house. I like the idea of using tealights to decorate for Diwali. They are easy to find and use, and they create a beautiful atmosphere. I think more people should use them to decorate their homes for this special holiday.

  2. The Diwali ideas given in this blog post is very helpful to decorate my small-spaced apartment for Diwali. All the materials are readily available from local vendors at a cheap price. Using these given ideas in the blog, it can make any apartment look posh and ornamental during Diwali. The best part is there are various decoration options, so if you cannot find a particular item, you can always go for the next one on the list.


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