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How to Prepare for Knock Down Rebuild

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The concept of knocking down a house and rebuilding it can be a daunting task, especially if you have not gone through the process before. But with the expert Knock Down Rebuild Specialist beside you knocking down and rebuilding your house can prove to be easier indeed. Because of the limited availability of land parcels in urban fringe and outer suburbs, the concept of knock down and rebuild is becoming a greater incentive these days for homeowners. The process is very affordable as compared to lengthy and complicated renovation and Home Remodelling jobs of an older home.

As mentioned, the process of knock down and rebuild can prove to be confronting for some people, especially who have not dealt with councils and builders earlier. So, for such people here are the step by step guide to prepare for the knock down and rebuild process.

Step One – Initial Inquiries and Research

Prior to meeting the builder, you must collect some details and get an idea about your block. You need to review the title documents, check with your local council if there are any legal issues or regulations for the block. The council requirements and building regulations keep on changing. If you are planning to sell out your house after rebuild, speaking to real estate agent is necessary.

Step Two – Choosing the Home Design

Another important step involved in Knock Down Rebuild Process is choosing the perfect home design. You may involve some architects and builders in the process to learn what sort of house you actually want and how much you need to pay for rebuilding. Most of the builders usually offer you affordable designs and also assist you right from the beginning till end of the process. Some of the knock down and rebuild builders specialize in this field as well.

They will explain the entire process in details and your liabilities in obtaining the approvals and permits across the demolition and construction phase.

Step Three – Deposits/Paperwork/Colour Selection

The first step is to deposit the first installerment and provide the copy of Land Title and land contract to builder. The first deposit is basically to secure site start allocation, base price and other promotional offer, if any. Builders upon receiving the first deposit will start land assessment and site inspection to check the suitability of the property for knock down and rebuild. The inspection includes checking block depth, slope, frontage, easements, orientation, setbacks and power supply and drainage system. If the block is not favourable, full deposit refund will be made by builder to owner.

Step Four –Signing Contract

The build will prepare a home contract for you to review and the contract includes the tender, drawings, colour selection, surveys and initial soil test report. This contract is required to be sent to lender to prepare for the profess payments. After signing the contract it will be submitted by the builder.

Step Five – Demolition

Your builder help you find a demolition agency in your area and you need to ask for a copy of demolition license from the company and forward it to the builder. You also need to request the respective utility company to disconnect the gas and power connection before demolition. You need to request for the same beforehand. After this the builder will ask for the 2nd soil test, re-establishment survey, site survey and final slab design.

Fittings are found after demolition and the builder will decide the construction plan and necessary adjustments can be made depending on the size of the block and demands of the owners.

Step Six – Site Start

After demolition is over and all paperwork get approved, the site construction starts. You need to contact the builder to learn about the later building stages.

Other Ways to Prepare for Knock Down and Rebuild

As mentioned, knock down and rebuild process needs patience and it is necessary to plan for it with some extra cash in hand as unexpected problems may occur in between which may add to the total cost. Regardless of the expertise and experience of the builder, Knocking Down a House can be stressful for many people and hence it is suggested that you must take care of yourself and your family during this tough time.

The Knock Down Rebuild Cost varies depending upon the size of the block and builder that you have selected. Always ask for a quote beforehand to avoid the sudden surprises later. If 100% knock down and rebuild is not necessary, then you may consider Remodelling Your House instead. This will be a viable option indeed rather than going for complete knock down and rebuild.

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  1. How to Prepare for Knock Down Rebuild

    Knocking down a house completely and rebuilding it may be challenging, especially for amateurs. But with the help of a Knock Down Rebuild Specialist, it can be easier. Knocking down and rebuilding involves a step-by-step guide. This is as follows.

    1. Initial Inquiries and Research
    Before meeting the builder, you must collect some details and check for all issues, including the legal ones.

    2. Choosing the Home Design
    For this step, you may require some architects and builders to get requisite information about the type of house and the funds required for building it.

    3. Deposits/Paperwork
    You have to deposit the first instalment and provide the builder with a copy of the Land Title. Upon the receipt, builders will start the assessment.

    4. Signing Contract
    The contract will contain the tender, drawings, colour selection, etc., and after signing the contract, the builder will submit it.

    5. Demolition
    Your builder will help you find a demolition agency in your area, and you need to ask for a demolition license from the company and forward it to the builder.

    6. Site Start
    After demolition, you need to contact the builder about the later stages of the building as the construction will start.

  2. Could you be able to give an approximate estimate on how much a knock down rebuild would cost for a small-sized flat? I have been looking for professionals who could help me with this, and wanted to get a rough estimate before I talk to them.


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