Vastu for Banks Improvises Performance of Employees and Generates Good Business and Clients


A bank is a place where safety and security are the primary concern as all monetary transactions take place in a bank. Since banks deal in money, it is crucial that it follows the norms of Vastu when designing the layout of the bank. Banks deal with a large number of outflow and inflow of cash daily and a small error can create havoc. So, it is necessary that banks focus on Vastu norms to create an energetic, safe, and calm environment so that work can be managed smoothly without complications. Vastu for Bank Buildings is not only for the safety and security of the bank but also ensures to enhance the productivity of employees and develop a good relationship with customers.

Vastu for Bank Entrance

Banks that are designed in adherence to Vastu norms are not likely to face any issues and customer handling and monetary transactions within the bank would become smoother. The bank is the organization that signifies wealth and money and Lord Kuber is the deity of wealth and the direction of Lord Kuber is north. So, according to Commercial Vastu norms, every bank must have the entrance on the northern side of the building.

The entrance of the bank building must be on the northern side. But in case it is not possible to place the entrance on the north side, then you may focus on positioning the entrance of the building in the northeast or east direction.

Vastu for Bank Location and Direction

According to the Vastu experts, the best location for the construction of the bank building is north. The building must face towards the north with the entrance in the same direction. The east direction is also considered best for the construction of the bank building, but the entrance for such a building must be in a northeast direction.

Ensure that the north and east direction of the building is free from all messes as any hindrance in the entrance or main gate can cause issues in the bank. The best direction for the entrance of the bank building is east, northeast, and north.

Vastu Direction for Manager Room, Cashier Room, and Cash Counter

Every bank branch has a separate room for managers. According to Vastu Shastra for Bank, the best location for the construction of the manager room is the southeast corner of the building. But, ensure that the sitting arrangement of the manager is done in such a way that he/she faces toward the north direction.

For a cashier room and cash counter, the best direction in the north or the east direction. It is suggested that the cash counter must be constructed with wooden material and not with brick and concrete. The cash room in a bank must be in the south and north direction of the building. If there is no space available in these directions, then the best location for the construction of the cash room is the southwest direction of the bank building.

Colour Scheme for Bank as per Vastu

Colors of exterior and interior walls of the bank building also play a pivotal role as per Vastu. The color schemes and decor of the bank building must encourage the employees to work at their best to offer optimal performance. As per the Vastu for Office, the light shades and bright colors are the best color scheme for the walls and exteriors of the bank building. It creates the best working environment that keeps the employees enthusiastic towards their goals.

Additional Vastu Tips for Bank Building

Every bank has a customer care counter and it must be placed in the east or north direction of the building. The other working staff in the bank must sit towards the west direction of the bank. Record rooms, server room, file room, and more must be placed in southwest direction and payment counters must be on the western side of the north direction.

Water arrangement in the bank building must be in the northeast or north side of the building, while for the toilet the best location in the northeast direction of the building as per Vastu Toilet Direction norms. The locker room, safes, storage rooms, and others must be highly secured and protected and the best location for such rooms is east or north direction of the bank building. If the bank building has multiple stories, then ensure to place the stairs in southeast, southwest, or northwest area of the building.

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  1. Banks hold great importance. If you want to ensure the safety and success of your bank branch, then you must consider following Vastu Shastra guidelines.

  2. Every bank has a patron care counter, which should be positioned in the east or north direction of the building. The different operating staff in the bank should sit in the west direction of the bank. Record rooms, server rooms, file rooms, and more should be positioned in the southwest direction, and payment counters should be on the western side of the north.


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