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Tips to The Perfect Office table Decoration

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Office is the place where we spend more than half of our life. Calculating the time of each day, we spend almost 40 hours in a week and if any urgency arises then there is no limit!

Out of that hours, maximum time is spend on our personal desk sitting in front of laptop screens, yawning in meetings, and so much other activities. That desk is the part which reflects individual’s personality and style. 

Not only this, but other than team collaborations and effective communications, ambiance and desk décor also plays important role in productivity.

Office table DecorationJust imagine your desk to be smelly and messy, will that work for you? The answer is no because you will not feel attentive and fresh minded. If we consider plain desk with nothing around? 

The answer is again no because that will be boring for you and will cause decline in productivity as there is nothing around to cheer you up with small breaks or to refresh yourself. 

On the other hand consider your desk to be minimally decorated with some natural or artificial Inspirational quotes over the desk: decors, which will of course work for you with your mental relax.

Are you ready to decorate your desk? So, let explore how we can give a new look to boring office table?

Here are some of the tips to make Office table / desk eye-attractive

Natural plants: We can go for natural with minimal care required by it. There is a great option of snake which actually requires water twice in a week and not only this, it provides us with fresh oxygen. 

In one of the research, it has been reported that office tables plated with plants topped sun rays increases employees productivity to 6% and creativity up to 15%. So, it’s time to welcome small pot on your desk. 

Natural plants office table decorationIt also enhances sense of well-being with reduced stress. Other examples are devil’s eye, aglos, weeping fig, peace lily.

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Inspirational quotes over the desk: There comes many situations when problems knocks your desk, which definitely makes you feel demotivated, frustrated, and even stressed also. 

These motivational quotes can pumps you up especially during Monday blues, which will definitely alters you mood and makes you feel confident towards achieving your tasks.

Time managing calendar: This will definitely help you organise daily schedules, meetings, manage projects and daily work schedules. There are ample management tools available in the market which can help you for this.

Inspirational quotes over the deskDigital calendars and even customised calendars have thrilled many people with its looks and if one of the product in basket for gifting.

Scented candle: It is the essential item to be at your desk. The one that helps you relax your mind from your tiredness due to workload, peers collaborations. This also adds to perfect decoration for your desk and even best aromatherapy for your body and mind without visiting any spa center.

Mini snack set: One can keep mini snacks box at the corner of table for munching during short breaks. One can opt for healthy snacks such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, roasted gram dal, and many other options. 

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This will allow you to remain energetic, enhance productivity, elevate mood, and can also help you to make better social communication by sharing food. I too have beside my desk with dry fruits and panjiri (Punjabi sweet).

Mini snack setPersonalized items: One can also decorate it with family photo frame which maintains your sentimental during your work hours, helps you feel connected t the family for ones who live far away for family. How about mementos won during your professional which helps you feel comfortable and energetic.

Desk organizer: It is the very important item to be on your desk. One can choose stylish desk organizer with minimal designing which fulfils our requirements and keeps des clutter free. 

One should go with choosing item that matches with our office desk overall theme or in contrast to that. It should not be too big to cover whole desk, not too old-fashioned.

Desk lamps: It not only provides required lightning but also gives style to the table. Choosing lamp design complementing overall theme will be cherry on the top to workstation look.

Feminine color palette: The soft and soothing colors like pinks, lavender, to desk accessories can be chosen for desk accessories like chair, organizers, and stationaries. This promotes focus and calmness by providing soothing effect.

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Cable management: Using different tech items creates a lot of mess with cables of mobile chargers, laptop charger, USB cable, headphones, earphones, mouse, and if one uses computer system then one cannot imagine the amount of strands on the table which mess over the work station. 

So, I think it’s an important element to be on office desk. By using cable organizers or clips, one can give organized, clean, professional look to the desk.

Functional accessories: These include stylish and functional accessories like fancy chic pen holder, good quality mouse holders, and a leather desk mat. These helps to increase overall aesthetics of a personal workstation.

Corkboard: How about hanging a cork board near your desk? It will help to pin up important notes, ideas, and even important tasks which will increase our productivity and even completing tasks on time.

Before selecting any of these, one should remember to maintain balance between functionality and aesthetics, keeping in mind to keep productive surroundings and pleasing appearance of desk look. So, which one do you like?

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