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How To Decorate Room With Waste Material?

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Décor items made out of waste materials and joined together with your creativity will always hold value close to your heart. Moreover, there’s usually nothing too tough about mixing bits and pieces together as there are no hard and fast rules in sheer creativity to decorate rooms with waste materials.

Scroll down to read what kind of beautiful things are made by waste materials.

  • River Stones Doormat

Gather some of the river stones by the bay of the river or beach near your house. Use them for decorative doormats. They give out an eccentric, old school yet a classic look outside your rooms when someone enters. This is one of the easy things made from waste materials. You don’t need to purchase them. Just clean them from any kind of impurities and stick them together with a glue or put them together in a mold to level the surface for a doormat.

In fact, sometimes these stones are of different color and shapes. This gives out a new and abstract look. Definitely, your guests will praise you for your decorative efforts for that doormat. And possibly, you will be asked about it more often than not about the source of these stones.

And by chance, if you have gathered these stones from a vacation, each time you step on this doormat made by rivers tones, a smile will surely break onto your face loaded with memories of that holiday.

  • Used & Old Cans For Kitchen Place mat

One of the added advantages of DIY- do it yourself work is that you can get a lot of useful things made from waste materials like the place mats for your kitchen counter or dining table. With color-coded orientation, the whole set would like you must have bought it from a flea market or a mall wherein reality you made it possible all by yourself.

In fact, there’s no end to the creativity that you can pour into making recycled placemat. On a dining table, it will look praiseworthy to the guests as well as family members. And as it will be a handmade creative decoration, it will always earn certain respect from everyone in the house from the guests eating on the dining table. Eventually, more care will be given from your end as well.

Overall, colorful or not, funky or not, the place mats that you make from used cans will turn heads for sure. The whole set will help add a new element in your room without spending anything extra out of your pocket. Well, that’s one reason that you should decorate rooms with waste materials.

  • Innovative Wired Outlines On The Walls

More so often, we have many wires lying around in our homes that are of no use at all currently. We think that maybe those wires will one day suddenly have profound benefits. Sadly, this doesn’t happen on its own. But don’t be disheartened. You can do it. The truth is you can make decorative items from waste materials like these wires.

Do you have a funky or funny design in mind for each of the room walls, but you are not sure if that will look good? Try using these long wires and tape them on the walls. That’s pretty easy actually. You will just need a good packet of tapes.

Ideas like city outlines, village outlines, mountains or funny cartoons and faces look good on empty walls, especially for the kids’ room or your study room. The total amount of money you will need to spend might be equal to zero or a dollar or two for the tapes which you can get from any stationery shops nearby.

Honestly, beautiful things made by waste materials often require your thought process and no certain amount of money. Once you have a clear picture on how to decorate your favorite room’s wall, start tapping those wires. In fact, you can paint them in different colors before taping them against the wall, if and only if you think you wouldn’t be needing them for a long time ahead.

Also, just to be on the safe side, don’t connect them to any plug after taping them if you have any kids in the house.

  • Old Boxes As Night Tables Or Bedside Racks

Do you have a frustrating amount of shoe boxes or wooden boxes lying around in your house? Now’s the time to decorate rooms with waste materials like these. Get your paint brushes and colors ready and involve your kids or companion for a fun time.

Firstly, if you wish, you can paint the boxes with the color of your choice. Or you choose a color that’s in contrast with your bed or the walls to be more attractive.

Then, after the paint has dried, align the boxes on the other to make the floored rack or the desired bedside table. Around 2-3 floors work fine. You can even glue them together if you want to put heavy material on it. Or in fact, you can always dismantle the floors without gluing. That’s how adjustable this piece of decoration in your room will be.

Read here for more decoration tips: Top 10 modern ideas for decorating living room.

After you are done aligning, place your favorite notebooks, novels, Smartphones and other things in the hollow spaces of the boxes whenever you need a table to hold those items for you by the bed.

  • Gift Wraps For Decorating Your Furniture& Artifacts

We do get presents and gifts often on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. Mostly, they are nicely and neatly wrapped in a pristine choice of designs. And what do we do of these wraps? We tear it nicely, stack it somewhere, and forget about it or else we just throw it away. But have you wondered these wraps can make your little furniture or artifacts look cool and funky?

Whether it’s a floral or a glittery gift wrap, easy things are made from waste materials like these pretty quick when you glue them to the old and rusty furniture like drawers, bedside tables, and small racks.

If you have teenage or kids at your home, they will absolutely love such cute and shiny dressing designs for their own study tables or dressing tables.

Plus, if you have an old photo frame that looks so wasted and in need of revamping with the modern times, then fetch those hidden gift wraps for the perfect use. Tear the gift wrap according to the circumference of the frame and glue the papered pattern to the wooden sides of the frame. And Voila! Your artifact would have never looked any better.

  • Sew The Old Clothes To Make The Perfect Bed sheet, Quilt, & Table Cloth

There’s so much that you can do with your old clothes, cotton or other. We all are undeniably aware of what we do with old clothes. They just get rotten in our attic, don’t they? Or we wait for our children or younger siblings to wear them off.

Though, if you know a handful of sewing, you make your room look cool, modernized as well as funky, matching your needs. In this way, you wouldn’t even need to spend a large chunk of bills on buying newer bed sheets or quilts.

Just fetch those clothes out of the closet and start cutting and sewing different patterns together. In no time, you will get a quirky or even a matching bed sheet or table cloth to dress either your bed or the dining table.

Supposedly, if you want to impress your house guests, patching a table cloth would be commendable. With your perfect art and craft, they all will be left to wonder how did you do that. And if you have purchased stunning crockery already, a matching homemade table cloth will work as icing on the top of your favorite cake.

  • Homemade Vases Out Of Used Plastic Bottles

If you have a knack of dressing your rooms, one of the useful things made from waste materials is the colorful and bright vases to lighten up the atmosphere inside the house.

Collect the used plastic bottles of different sizes and cut them into half or 3/4th shape. You can paint the bottles in the patterns of your choice and make your kids do that too, if they love to paint and draw. This will be a loving memory for young ones forever. They will feel that they have contributed to dressing their own house.

When you have designed the bottles and the paint runs dry, bring out the hidden gardener in you. Purchase the mud and the saplings of your favorite vegetables, fruits or flowers from the nursery nearby. This wouldn’t cost you must if you bulk some plants in bulk. Now, start planting the same inside the bottles and watch these saplings grow. By doing this, the rooms will be looking greener.

Millions of decorators post their craft online from where you can take the first help to decorate your rooms with waste materials.

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  1. Getting the best out of waste is one of the useful things to consider. One can easily opt for the colorful and the bright vases and use plastic bottles, and colored stones as well to lighten up the atmosphere inside the house. Therefore, whenever you have free time you can easily start by decorating with raw materials.

  2. I appreciate you sharing this blog. It is helpful since it describes how to decorate a room with waste material in a lovely way. Only this kind of knowledge was what I was looking for. Although I’ve heard a lot about it and watched a lot of videos about it, this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love it!


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