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Top 10 modern ideas for decorating living room

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Living Room: The most important and most used room of the house

We all know that the living room is the most influential part of the house as it is more exposed than any other part of the house to the people who come and visit the house. Some also say that the living room is the life of the house. Sometimes the living room is the place where the family sits, chit chats and plays, sometimes it also serves the purpose of being a showcase of the house. Being the center of attraction it needs our foremost attention. Making your house look better is not rocket science. Anyone and everyone can do it with some small improvements and changes. Listed below are the top 10 modern ideas as to how you can decorate the living room of your house.

  • Using Mirrors to give the modern effect

Using Mirrors in your room to give a modern effect is only one way, being so beautiful and special they can do a lot more. The two parts in the mirror, the glass, and the frame both have their ways of beautifying and enhancing the space where. The different kinds of the frame complement the character of your room where on the other hand the mirror gives a whole new three-dimensional touch to your room. Placing a mirror correctly helps the light to reflect and lighten up the dark corners of the room and also makes the room look bigger.

  • False Ceiling as the modern trend

Talking about the ceiling or as you may say the 5th wall of a room, in the last few years the significance of how the ceiling wall should look has increased considerably. The fake ceiling is the secondary ceiling that is suspended to the original structural ceiling. There are so many options and ways in which you can decorate your ceiling to add a new dimension to the room. For example, you can use wooden panels, metallic accents, and even light embedded sheets.

  • Furniture that matches the interior

First of all, you need to identify a wall that can be turned into the accent wall in the living room and then arrange the furniture according to it. Use dark clothed furniture to contrast with a lightly painted wall behind it or vice versa. If you want to make a particular part of your space look bigger, make the color of the furniture lying there the same as the color of the wall behind.

  • Lighting effects to draw attention

Other tips include the way of pacing if you want to give a creative layout to the room, place the furniture diagonally which will create an inviting way into the seating group. Apart from this, there are a lot of other living room ideas and tips.

  • Wooden partitions for a modern look

Many of you might not be aware of this fact that modern partition can make your house look wonderful. Not just for you but even for those who visit your house. This is a very simple procedure where you just part out a few portions of the room and utilize it in different ways such as putting a dining table or a sofa.

  • Accent walls

For the accent wall, you need to choose colors and patterns for the wall, there are many options which can be taken into account according to the personality of the family members and the family collectively. You can go with a colorful and vibrant abstract pattern if you want to add a Bohemian character to the house, you can put geometric patterns on the wall if you want to give your house a creative and modern look, also you can use an ombre of colors pattern for your accent wall if you want to give your house a soothing and artistic effect.

  • Use wall stickers

If your living room is big and boring, you can make segments out of it as we have discussed above and each one should have a specific and engaging character on it. To make it better you can use the wallpapers and stickers as well. This will help your living room get the best out of it.

  • The suitable fabric of the curtains and Valances

If you are having an opening such as a window or a door, do make sure that you use a curtain to give a better look of the room. The curtains help you in enhancing the overall look if the color of the curtain perfectly synchronizes with that of the walls. And be very particular about the fabric you use for the curtains.

  • Color Pattern

The beauty of your room fairly depends on the colors you use for painting your house. Not just this but if you fail to make the right choice you would definitely not get the best out of your room. While you are painting the room you should be very sure about the texture as well as the pattern of the color you are using.

  • Props

Not just for the living room but for any room in your house, you need to set the room with the perfectly aligned props. Be it a bunch of photographs, a painting, or something else whatever you use in your house you need to keep it in the right direction in the right way and perfectly aligned to the other things. This makes your room more spacious and well decorated.

If you still want some more tips you can check out the other articles on the website of DecorChamp.

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  1. I completely agree with you that furniture and lighting in the living room make a huge difference. That’s exactly why I went out and bought some new furniture and light fixtures for my living room. And let me tell you, it made a world of difference! Not only does the room look more stylish and put together, but it’s also much more inviting and comfortable.

  2. I always wanted my living room to look the most beautiful and presentable. So I used these tips to make it look like my dream.
    – Mirrors to give a shiny effect
    – False ceiling
    – Matching interiors
    – Lots of lighting effects
    – Wooden partitions
    – Walls and wall stickers
    – Proper fabric for curtains
    – Color patterns
    – Props
    – Paints

  3. This passage underscores the significance of the living room as a focal point of the house, where family gatherings and social interactions often take place. It highlights the importance of giving attention to the living room’s decor, as it is often the first impression visitors have of the home


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