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Home Decor Ideas For Holi – 2020

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The festival of colours “Holi” is around the corner and this colourful festival is celebrated with the highest gusto and enthusiasm by all cast and creed across India. Since this is the festival of colour, it demands to decorate the home with different colours and items. So, to decorate your walls, rooms and home you need to use some wonderful and unique Holi Home Decoration Ideas 2020. Below you will come across with some home decoration ideas which you may use to decorate your house in coming Holi 2020.

Holi Party Decor - 2020


No festival in India, especially Holi is complete without decorating the entrance of your house with colourful Rangoli. It is the colourful pattern that is drawn on the floor at the entrance door to welcome the festival of colours with zest. You can draw different patterns and designs of Rangoli using colour powder or grains like wheat and rice. You can also mix the different colours and draw multi-colour rangoli to decorate your entrance this Holi.

Rangoli Design For Holi

Flower Hangings On Walls

In order to decorate the house in festivals, most of the homeowners use flower wall hangings. There are different types of flowers which can be used as wall hangings for decorating a house. Multi-coloured flower wall hangings offer the best look and if they are fresh flowers it would surely make your space look different and special while releasing its fragrance all day long. So, if you want your wall hangings to last longer, ensure using wall hangings made out of fresh flowers or artificial flowers. The most common flower used for wall hangings is marigold and you can hang them straight downwards or use it to create some unique designs on walls across your house.

Flower Hangings


Holi is the festival of pretty colours and hence lighting can play a pivotal role in decorating the home and enhancing the looks and appearance of your house during the occasion. To decorate the house, you need to choose some elegant and unique lights and lamps of multiple colours and this is the smart choice to serve all purposes perfectly and with elegance.

Lightings for holi party

Besides, you can also opt to go for colourful lanterns designed in different patterns like a pendant, netted and ornamental and you can choose colour options between green lights, blue, yellow and red. This can spice up the space of your home during Holi.

Bright Colour Flower Vases In Corners

You must not leave any corner of your house unattended as you can add colourful flower vases at the corners to beautify the space and its looks. You can make use of different flower pots at the corner of your house and this is a good idea to choose some bright coloured flower vases instead of choosing the earthy colour vases.

Flower Vases For Home Decor

To enhance the look of the vases, you can colour them with decorative paints or use some Holi Decorative Items and different pieces that go well with the overall decor of your house.

Colouring The Walls

Plain walls can be decorated easily if you draw native patterns or shapes on walls using watercolours. You can use cultural patterns or symbols which can easily create the spiritual aura of the colourful festival while brightening up space if you are using some bright colours. These types of Holi Home Decoration Ideas truly give vibes for all guests, inmates and visitors during the Holi festival.

Wall Art For Holi

Coloured Patterns For Curtains And Cushions

For normal occasions, you can make use of some elegant and decent colour schemes for curtains and cushions, but during the Holi festival, it is about playing with different colours. So, you must ensure buying new curtains that can help you draw the rooms as well as bedrooms which carry the playful colour and patterns on it.

In the market, you will find different curtains and cushions specially designed for Holi festival and you need to invest in those curtains and cushions which are available in different patterns and colours so that you can play smart in decorating your house during Holi.

Cushions And Curtains For Holi Season

So, these were some of Holi Festival Decoration Ideas which you can make use of in the coming Holi festival. You need to check online the website of to find out some more designs and patterns and home decoration ideas for the festive season of Holi 2020.


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  1. These tips mentioned here are just amazing. I am looking for decent and simple rangoli ideas that I can implement at my house. Hope I get to find them as well but, otherwise as well these decor ideas are specially the colored pattern curtain one and rangoli attracted me the most.


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