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Difference between Polyurethane Polish and Regular Polish

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Two types of polish i.e polyurethane polish and regular polish are used to give final finish, aesthetics, and texture to a wooden surface. The clear hard layer is useful in protecting your favorite piece of furniture from dust, scratches, moisture and thermal influx. Basically, there are two types of polishes that people use to protect the wooden surfaces. PU or polyurethane based polish and the melamine based polish which is also known as regular polish. Both are used to give the wooden surface a good finish, but the question is which one works better?

In order to understand the basic difference between a polyurethane polish and regular polish, we can compare both of them on the basis of few pointers, such as their advantages, disadvantages and durability standards.

Polyurethane Polish Vs Regular Polish

It is the widely demanded solution developed for leaving a strong protective coat on the wooden surface. On the other hand, you can have a good gloss by using a regular polish. The PU polish is comparatively expensive, and the regular polish is an economical option to coat the wooden surfaces.

You can have water based and solvent based types of polyurethane polish, whereas the variants of regular polish are known as French polish and melamine based polish.

Both the polishes offer superior shine, and both can be availed in a choice of shades, such as teak, mahogany, natural veneer style and lots of other shades. Thus, in order to differentiate between these two options, we have to do a comparative study of their role, advantages, and disadvantages.

Difference Between Polyurethane Polish & Regular Polish: According to their role

As mentioned earlier PU polish is a bit expensive as compared to melamine polish and mostly carpenters prefer PU polish to get a strong coat. But, the cost is not the only reason that people prefer PU polish, the basic reason that experts love water based and solvent based PU coat is that it gives superior and durable shine that protects the wooden surface from scratches and stains.

On the other hand, the role of regular polish is just to give a good gloss to the wooden surface. The shine won’t last for a longer time and do not even offer protection against scratches and stains.

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, polyurethane polish is used to leave a protective coat on the surface, whereas the role of regular polish is just to add beauty to the furniture.

Difference Between Polyurethane Polish & Regular Polish: According to their advantages

  • PU polish is an odorless, quick drying, and eco-friendly It requires very less time and labor to get a good finish with PU polish. It is a maintenance free polish that offers excellent resistance to scratches and moisture.
  • Regular polish is trusted to give radiant shine to the wooden surface. The polish binds the surface and prevents hairline cracks. Regular polish provides softness to the surface and reduces the effect of moisture transfer to some extent.

Difference Between Polyurethane Polish & Regular Polish: According to their disadvantages

  • PU polish is an expensive product, so if you have cost concerns than a regular polish will be the suitable option for you.
  • Regular polish loses its shine quickly so if you need a maintenance free product then PU polish is best suited for you.
  • Regular polish becomes yellow with age, whereas the PU polish often gets darkened over time.
  • It requires a lot of labor and hard work to work with regular polish, however, you need to be extra careful while using polyurethane polish which generates fumes.

Polyurethane polish has good impact resistance and lasts longer. However, the regular polish dries quickly but can’t resist moist conditions. Both the polishes have their own pros and cons, consult an expert to make the right selection.

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  1. Overall an interesting article, I never knew that PU Polish can be an expensive product. But, I think is suitable to invest in as regular polish can lose its shine after some time. Therefore, if one needs to maintain the shine, it is one of the best products to consider.

  2. Amazing Blog!
    The way two types of polish i.e, regular polish and polyurethane polish are described is absolutely stunning. The clear hard layer is absolutely amazing. Here, these polishes can protect the wooden surfaces. All in all, it is a great read that you can enjoy.

  3. This article has firmly described the difference between polyurethane polish and regular polish. This will be much helpful for the readers. According to your conclusion, polyurethane Polish is good, long-lasting, and can resist moisture conditions, whereas regular polish is quick but cannot resist moisture conditions. This conclusion is enough to understand the difference. Thank you so much for sharing such a scholarly article.

  4. Hello! Just want to let you know that this blog is written wonderfully.
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