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Why renting furniture is the best idea

Now that you have shifted your life to that new house you brought down the lane; it is time to start the decoration with best in class furniture. But wait, doesn’t furniture come at an outrageously high price point? So what should we do to enjoy a great interior without losing all your savings?

To help with this financial dilemma, many companies have emerged with a new trend of renting furniture. If this is what you desire, here is a guide for you to make the best out of the least.

Why should you rent?

With the idea of sharing economy on the rise across the globe, furniture on rent has emerged as a fast-selling trend. The basic idea of owning furniture has been surpassed by a desire to obtain better experience along with sharing of resources. With each passing day, more and more people are opting for home furniture on rent along with all other necessary commodities such as clothes, properties, vehicles and so on. This gives the homeowners access to numerous utility products minus the tension of purchase and maintenance.

How much can it cost to rent as opposed to purchasing?

The cost of rent varies depending on the type of furniture and duration for which you want to rent the same. You can get office furniture on rent or something for your home at a reasonable price as compared to the finance required for buying all that in a single go. On an average, any single bed rented for a month could cost somewhere between INR 250 to INR 1000, depending on the type of material and durability. This is way less than the price you pay when you buy new furniture which is mostly priced higher than INR 10,000.

Avoid needless baggage

It is an obvious fact that you would want to pick along your cherished possessions if you have invested a major portion of your earnings while moving to a new house. However, movers & packers for furniture do not come cheap. Tagging along with your luxury possessions anywhere you move can literally empty your pockets unless you are loaded with money. To add to that the obvious damage endured by your furniture during transit. All these doesn’t seem worth the time, effort and finance which is why many people opt for furniture rental in Gurgaon so that they can move to any new house easily in future without having to worry about additional baggage.

What decides if renting furniture is the best option for you?

Do you work in an industry that requires you to move from one city to another? Are you a traveler who likes to explore places before actually settling down at a single location? If the answer to any of these is yes, then opting for furniture rental in Mumbai is your best call. You definitely wouldn’t drag yourself down with all those EMIs and heavy furniture that have no use in your life as a frequent traveler.

Pros of Renting  

  • Light on pocket:

If furniture requirement is temporary for you, opting for low rentals by furniture rental in Noida is a way better deal as compared to major payout for furniture and appliances.

  • Own that look:

With numerous options in renting, you can design your very own look without having to worry about financial issues with help from furniture rental in Delhi by various companies.

  • Cost-Free relocation:

Most of the companies that provide furniture rental in Pune provide options for free service while moving from one city to another. This comes as a great advantage because hiring any service for relocation can be on the costly side.

  • Zero Maintenance:

When you opt for furniture rental in Bangalore, you need not worry about the scheduled maintenance of the same. However, being an owner of the furniture can cost you a major chunk of money for timely maintenance.

Now, doesn’t it make sense if you opt to rent instead of purchasing expensive furniture, especially when they might soon go out of trend?