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Foster a Healthy and Competitive Environment at School with Vastu for School

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School is the institution that renders learning spaces and educational environments to the students. Here students learn the basics of their life and also lay the foundation stone for a brighter and successful future. Students learn new ideas of life and languages and know more about world cultures, personal history, geography, economy, and political system at school. So, it is extremely important that the school is designed according to Vastu Shastra. Vastu for School Plot and Offices does have a variety of positive effects on the overall development and growth of the students.

The location, direction, and placement of the classes, administration office, and playground play a crucial role in shaping the future and giving direction to the students while helping educators in guiding students in a better way possible. So, when it comes to design a new school consider the below mentioned Vastu for School Office, toilet, classroom, director’s office, and more.

Vastu Tips for School Location and Entrance

The selection of the school location must be done carefully as it plays a crucial role in making the institution successful. According to the Vastu for School, the ultimate location for the development of the school is the center of the city as it is easy to access, and attracts students from different nearby areas.

Another important factor that is worth considering for the success of the school is the entrance. Whether it a school for basic education or higher-level college or institution, the entrance of the building must be in the north or east direction of the plot. These are the auspicious directions for placement of the school entrance. If the plot size is big, then ensure to construct more than one entrance gate for the building. But all the entrances must be constructed at any of these directions.

Vastu Direction for Prayer Hall, Classrooms and Reception

Prayer Hall is a common area in every school where all students gather for a prayer session. The prayer hall can be a big hall or it can be the playing ground. But, the northeast direction is considered auspicious for the construction of the prayer hall. The reception of the school must be built right after the entrance gate of the school. It must be on the ground floor facing towards the north side of the building.

Classrooms are the place where students are taught life lessons by teachers and educators. A school has multiple classrooms depending upon the sections and number of standards. For better education facilities and quick learning experience, the classrooms must be constructed in the north or east direction of the building. Plus, the student seating arrangements must be in a way that all students face towards the north or east side of the classroom.

Vastu Tips for School Bathroom and Toilets

Every school has separate toilets for students, working staff, and teachers. Every school has a large number of students and hence several toilets were built in a school. Every floor must have toilets and all toilets in the school must be constructed according to Vastu for Toilet.

The best direction for the construction of the bathroom and toilet in the school building is the northeast direction. You may check online for the Vastu for Bathroom Fitting prior to installing any facets or fittings in your school toilet and bathroom.

Vastu Tips for Principal and Director’s Cabin

Schools usually have a staff room and principal room on the ground floor of the building and the auspicious direction for construction of staff room and principal office is northwest direction. The other options are the south side or southwest direction for the construction of the principal room.

As per Vastu Tips for School Director’s Room, you must use the south side of the building for the director cabin and the sitting arrangement must be in a way that the director faces the north direction when sitting in his/her cabin. The meeting room and cashier room in the building must be in the north or east direction as it is considered auspicious.

Schools are the institutions where the basic foundation of students is laid and no student can reach the pinnacle of success with basic knowledge. So, build the classrooms as per Vastu guidelines and also consider the Vastu for Office to build the meeting rooms, school offices, and other areas of the school.

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  1. Amazing, I truly believe in Vastu and I feel we must apply all the principles in home, school and office space. This not only helps to maintain a good environment but also helps in growth. Love how you have explained the key Vastu principles that are good for school. I will share it with my friends and see what we can do about it.

  2. Thank you for this extremely helpful blog! I wanted to know if gardens should be placed in a specific place in schools as per the Vastu guideline.


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