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Saving Your Space With Small Home Bar Ideas

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In the modern house plans, Home Bars are the spaces that add a factor of luxury and modernity. In some homes, there are huge rooms and spaces to keep these shiny champagne bottles and wines. But, if you are looking for small home bar spaces, then you are absolutely at the right place!

So, what is the wait for? Let’s get started with superb ideas to create a small home bar that not only helps in organizing the bare essentials but also creates a comfortable space to chill with a drink. 

Go With a Simple Bar Design 

If you have some additional horizontal space, then you can easily go with a simple home bar design for your home. Get yourself a multi-chambered counter and simply place all the essentials like bottles and glasses on it. 

This idea is quite convenient to implement and the best part is you can keep all the stuff required in one place. So, without wasting any further time, go with a compact minibar and place it against a wall and you are good to go. 

Experiment With Wine Racks 

As we all know, Wine Racks are convenient and wonderful ways to keep your wine bottles effectively and efficiently. For instance,

  • Go with a built-in wine rack. Choose from a contemporary or traditional style to make use of these spaces. 
  • If you already have a common counter then, go for a wall-mounted Wine rack to display your wine bottles. This will not only serve the purpose of having a small bar but also help in saving a huge sum of your money. 

Mini-Bar in a Box 

If you are having a comfortable and cozy apartment then it is better that you go for space-saving furniture that will not only serve the purpose of storing your stuff but also make a great small bar. 

For instance, you can try out multi-functional cabinets, in which you can place bottles and glasses in the drawer and the top space can be used as a bar table. And, the best part is if you ever decide to move out or make a separate space for a bar then the cabinet can be used for keeping the other stuff such as crockery items or may be used as a bookshelf

Bar Behind The Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for a unique small bar idea, then try out having a bar behind the sliding doors. You can simply design a bar inside the wall and then cover it with a sliding door such that from the front it will look like a wardrobe and as soon as you open it, the whole look is insanely surprising. 

This is one of the best ideas to implement if you are looking forward to having a spacious bar in your small space. 

Go With A DIY Home Bar 

Choose a perfect piece of furniture in some different shape and hang it in your bottles in that. Or, you can simply DIY a home bar using boxes. Now be it any occasion, you can make use of these simple DIY Home bars and chill with your family and friends. 

Bar Space in The Kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the most fantastic and easy ways to save your space for a bar. You already have a counter and cabinets. Som why not go with ceiling-mounted rack’s addition or create a space below your counter where you can keep your wine bottles and glass. Counter shared with the bar table will do its double duty and is an excellent idea to implement. 

You can even try out vertical spaces in the corners of cabinets to keep all the essentials of your bar. There are tons of designs that you will find online for bars that will complement your kitchen space. 

Under the Stair Case 

If your stairs are available in the center of your living room. Then it is of great use for you because you can make use of space under that room and turn that into a stylish and modern bar

All you need is a wooden cabinet under the bar counter table. Use rustic stones with lights under it to give it a marvelous appeal. On top of that, you can style it with a planter or a  wine rack depending on your choice. The best part is you can even keep the chair aside to give it a proper bar-like feel. 

Prefer Your Taste 

You can choose a home bar design available in rustic designs and contemporary designs based on your preference. For instance, you can make use of stones for the wall decors or even the hardwood slabs for the countertops to create an aesthetic look. If not rustic, choose a classic design for bar design that helps you get the kind of space you want for entertainment. 

Try Out Basic L-Shaped Bars 

L-shaped furniture is already in fashion whether you want a sofa or bar. You can go with a basic L-shaped bar counter made from simple wood that is made with perfection and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Here, you can easily make beverages, make snacks, and serve whatever you want. All in all, it is a great idea to implement if you are going for small bar ideas. 


Home Bars are one of the best places where you can sit and relax. You can pick any of these ideas mentioned above and give it a twist according to your space.

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  1. I have been reluctant to build a home bar for the longest time until I came across this article that gave me brilliant ideas on how to create my perfect small home bar. I love that it has personal touch and ideas for DIY projects for the bar. It helped me connect with my home more personally as I got so many tips for building up my mini home bar with all these exotic drinks that I am a fan of and would like to store in my house. I’m grateful for the article for providing me with top-notch ideas and suggestions.


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