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Decoration Tips for Setting Up a Small Kitchen for New and Old Homes

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It is a reality that not all of us are fortunate enough to live in large homes and apartments with kitchen islands. Many of us are living in tiny studio apartments, city condos or starter homes with tiny kitchen space. It might not have the larger dining area or cupboard spaces to store the entire dishware collection you have. But even though we don’t have the larger kitchen space doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make the most out of the space that we already have in our tiny kitchen. Regardless of your home kitchen size, it is always the heart of your home. Whether you have s small space in suburban cape or gallery in high rise, get inspired with these helpful small kitchen decorating ideas which can help enhance the looks of your tiny kitchen visually. Check the kitchen remodeling tips and tricks to transform your small kitchen into welcoming and warm space for your family and guests.

Lightening Up the Small Kitchen

The darker shades of colours in small rooms even make the space look smaller. So, you need to carefully choose the colour scheme for the cabinets and walls to lighten up the space. You must ensure updating the colour scheme in your kitchen with something lighter and brighter colours.

With the selection of right colour scheme and lighting you can make the tiny kitchen look even larger. Lighting plays an important role and hence for additional impact without larger footprints you must add LED strips under cabinets and shelves and replace the old fixtures with some energy efficient models. You must look for best Kitchen Walls Colour Ideas with new decorating scheme which enhances the look and give a bulky look to tiny kitchens.

Adding Bold Backsplash

During Kitchen remodeling you must ensure to create space that is full of items that you love to display and it must expose your personal style too. Since the kitchen space is smaller and has less space, decorating it efficiently may seem challenging at times. You may not have sufficient space for rearranging the major furniture elements. But you must focus on making most out of every nook of the kitchen space and this can be done by adding bold backsplash behind the sink and gas stove.

Kitchen Back Splash Ideas

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kitchen backsplash designs

A bold backsplash doesn’t demand for larger empty wall space and with right designs you can add overall impression of liveliness in your kitchen instantly. You must ensure using some bold patterns which are likely to add a zest of fresh energy into kitchen. You may also choose the modern patterns with neutral tones to modernize the conventional home kitchen.

Use Shelves for Additional Storage

Adding extra shelves between the cabinets or above the sink would give you some extra space for storage. This is one of the best Storage Ideas in small kitchen. These shelves can be used to store and display the dishware and some of the other collection of treasured items. But ensure that you don’t overdo it. The fewer small items around the kitchen, the tidier and bigger kitchen would look.

Adding Colours to Kitchen

You are free to use the patterns and colours for your advantage. If your small kitchen has only one wall with maximum open spaces, then be bold and bright while choosing colour schemes for kitchen. Ensure to choose some bold and brighter paints for the walls which would give the kitchen a modern look. If painting the complete wall is not possible for you, then ensure to add printed shades over the windows or add a patterned rug to the kitchen floor. This is the best update for a modular kitchen which would wake any tiny space and can be undone easily if you think that the look is not appreciable for you.

Displaying Artwork

The most efficient way to personalize the space in kitchen is by hanging artwork to the walls. You may choose some modern painting which easily grabs the attention or you may hang some mixture of vintage artwork and personal photo gallery of any style. It is suggested that you must select only one colour or one style of frame to combine the group and masterly tie them all together. No matter whether you are opting for one single over sized piece or combination of smaller pieces, creating one larger and single focal point can do wonders in small kitchen. This will trick the eyes of onlookers and make them think that space is bigger than they imagined.

These were some of the tips and tricks to decorate your small kitchen efficiently and make it look modern and bigger. For more space you must remove the doors of cabinets which unnecessarily consume space. Paint the inside of the cabinets with fun colors to complement the overall decor and give the kitchen space some depth.

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  1. Interesting idea of adding backsplash and artwork to spice up the kitchen. Last year I did change the color of my kitchen to a white and green combination. But there was always something that was lacking behind. Your ideas have given me a new direction to work on my kitchen.

  2. These decorative makeover ideas have helped me transform my small kitchen into that of a celebrity. The information presented is very logical and up-to-date, which makes it easier and more readable for bloggers like me. The colour palette discussed here matches my kitchen style perfectly. Whoever is behind such articles should get more blogs like this, as this place has become my personal favourite, and I love posts like this.

  3. This thoughtful piece acknowledges the reality of living in small spaces and highlights the importance of maximizing every inch, especially in the kitchen—the heart of any home. It offers practical decorating ideas and remodeling tips to transform tiny kitchens into inviting spaces, ensuring warmth and functionality for both residents and guests.


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