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Reasons to Use Aluminium Composite Panels

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Wall cladding is becoming a new trend in construction industry. It refers to the covering used for one material for ultimate protection and also for decorative purposes. Wall cladding provides better protection to interiors against a variety of weathering elements like wind, snow, rain, sunlight and fire. Different types of cladding materials are available in the market, of which the most popularly used in Aluminium Composite Panels or ACPs Sheets. Because of its flexibility and lightweight nature, it makes a good choice for wall cladding in buildings. Besides protection, the ACPs are the great way to add modern touch and elegance to the buildings as it helps creating shapes which were not possible earlier with other facade materials. There are many other great reasons why you must use ACP Sheet in India for your construction project.

ACP Sheets are Durable and Creative Solutions

As mentioned, with the quality ACP sheets like HPL ACP Sheet one can easily create creative shapes with it and this flexibility in creating shapes is not possible with other facade materials. It helps the contractors to achieve the look which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional too. Construction materials need to be durable and this is the area where the ACP sheets excel because it is the combination of magnesium, zinc, copper and aluminium which adds to its durability.

ACP Sheet WorkYou can cut them into any shape, fold, bend, drill and even perforate it without losing the structural integrity of the sheet. This is only possible with ACPs sheet and it is designed to last longer anything from 30 to 40 years. Unlike wall papers these can be used in both side interior and exterior

Lightweight Compared to Other Composite Materials

Aluminium is the most lightweight and durable material and this makes it is the perfect choice for cladding work. As compared to steel and other composite cladding materials, aluminium is about 66% lighter and this makes aluminium a suitable alternative for the cladding systems. ACP Manufacturers in Delhi use high quality aluminium metal for designing the sheets and it is the lightest in the industry indeed. The weight may increase if the thickness of sheet increase and hence it all depends on the overall thickness of the sheet. Overall, it is very lightweight material to be used for cladding.

Aluminium Cladding Demands for Very Low Maintenance

As compared to steel, wood and solid walls of concrete, the efforts and cost of maintaining the ACP sheets is none. Even if your building is situated in the rural areas of India, it needs to be cleaned once in every 365 days. Similarly, in urban areas the building needs to be cleaned once per year and it cost you very minimally as compared to other composite materials used for cladding system. Aluminium Composite Panels in Delhi is widely used due to this low maintenance benefits. Even in coastal regions and low rainfall regions, the ACP sheets are used for wall cladding and for such locations it needs to be cleaned 1-2 times in a year which is fairly easy indeed. Water rinse with moderate pressure would do wonders in removing the soil build up on the panels.

Available in a Different Shapes, Colours and Sizes to Suit Construction Requirements

ACP Manufacturers in Delhi offers you with a variety of sizes and shapes in aluminium cladding materials. The panels are masterly designed and it is easy for cutting, bending, shearing, drilling, punching and profiling. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colour combinations to suit the specific need of the construction project. You can even colour the panels with your desired paints to match and complete the overall decor of the building and make it look unique overall.

Corrosion Resistant and Non-Combustible Material 

The quality ACP sheets are pre-treated and this means that are already having protective coating on it to prevent the metal from corrosion. Aluminium panels are exposed to air and this builds a thin layer of aluminium oxide making the facades to corrosion resistant. Moreover, aluminium is the material that is non-combustible and hence when the metal is exposed to the extreme temperatures of heat as high as 600 degree it melts, but it is non inflammable material and good for wall cladding projects indeed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information on ACP Sheets, I have used the ACP sheet for signage of my shop. I wanted to know if using the ACP sheet for signage is the best option or not. Can you please provide some insights on this? Will it withstand the harsh weather conditions?

  2. Aluminum composite panels are the new trends in the construction industry. It may also be termed wall cladding. Recently I am Surfing the internet and suddenly approached this article on reasons to use aluminum composite panels. This article is very helpful because I am also constructing my office area. I suggest all the readers of this comment should read this article; it will add a piece of knowledge to your mind.

  3. Wall cladding is revolutionizing the construction industry, offering both protection and aesthetic appeal. With materials like Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), buildings receive enhanced defense against weathering elements while adding a modern touch.


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