Sunday, September 24, 2023
Home Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration Ideas: from small size home to big, from office to factory, here you will find the latest, unique and attractive interior decoration ideas and tips with pictures. Our interior decoration experts bring the latest and mind blowing designs for your home and office so that you can get a different feelings while entering in. Have a look on all these ideas and feel free to write to us if you have any query. We are happy to help you through our website.


Teak Wood vs Sal Wood Vs Mindi Wood | Teak Wood Prices

Choose the best Teak Wood to make a comfortable, stylish and elegant house It is true to say that the construction, as well as interior...

7 Cool Designs for Hall POP Ceiling Design. Modern, Attractive, Simple

POP Designs or False ceilings have become highly popular in recent years. Not only are they a super convenient way to hide ugly wirings...
POP vs Wall Putty

Which one to prefer, POP or Wall Putty

When repairing, painting, or revamping one’s home, people often get mixed up between wall putty and POP. Just because they look similar in their...
3 Bedroom Indian Style House Map

3 Bedroom House Plans & Modern Designs for Every Budget

Looking for a three-bedroom house plan? You've come to the right place. Our plans offer plenty of space for you and your family. Plus,...

How to make Radium Paints at Home

Radium, the element discovered by Madam Curie, exhibits a unique property of self-luminous, i.e. it glows even in the dark. Radium paint was all the...

Modular Kitchen Designs with Photos: Experience the Future

Gone are the days when kitchen used to be one of the most narrowed down spaces of any house when it came to its...

Best Indian Main Door Designs with Photos

Entrance doors are the early impression makers. It is therefore extremely important to come up with the most refined designs on this regard. Moreover,...
modern plus minus pop design for porch

Modern POP Plus Minus Design for Porch

When you want to add a touch of design to your home's porch, consider using the pop plus-minus design. This type of design can...
Diwali Office Decoration

Tips to Decorate Office this Diwali

Celebrate the Diwali with a beautiful decoration at office also Like diwali home decoration, office and workplaces have different importance in business. It is the primary place...

Add Elegance & Grace To Your Home With Gypsum Board False Ceiling Design

With the changing environment and upcoming trends, the viewpoint of people is also changing. The older generation people were more into simplicity but now...