The Top 5 Inspirational Home Library Decor Ideas


Inspirational Home Library Decor Ideas – Modern homes usually feature magnanimous rooms with wall to wall bookshelves to highlight the literary fervour of homeowner. Private home library is the popular choice amongst the interior designers when designing warm and classic interiors. But, book enthusiast often needs spaces for reading and stowing. Veteran bookworms and book lovers usually prioritise their literature in the home library more than interior designers. Interior designers merely focus on accessories and visual appearance, but bookworms are dedicated to their literary collections. With the right planning and Home Library Decor Ideas you can have the best private home library anywhere you want across your house. Here are the top 5 decor ideas and tips for building your own home library.

Home Library Shelf Life

Usually, a home library is always housed in some spacious areas with a higher ceiling. But you don’t have to stick to this tradition as you can build your home library at any cosy nook of your bedroom or living room, depending upon the size of your house. If you want to dedicate a single room for the wide collection of books, then choose a standalone and tall Home Library Shelves. This will help you save lots of floor spaces. For the small library in the existing room, you may choose the shelf recessed on the walls of the room.

But if you are looking for affordable Home Library Shelving option, then opt for detachable home library bookcases. These bookcases can be nailed to the wall and whenever required you may change its feel and look according to the overall decor of the room.

Colour Scheme for Home Library

The library is the private space in your house and hence it tends to be luxurious and closed. It must be painted with the right colour hues. Maroon, burgundy or brown are some of the top choices for the private reading space of your house. For informal and soothing feel pastel hues of lilac or blue are the best options for the walls. If the library of your house is the happy place, you may paint the walls with a specific theme like bright greens or yellow that generates easygoing tropical vibes and reds or rich brown hues add a zest of opulence.

Choosing the Right Library Furniture

Home library is not space where your wide collection of books is stored. It is also space where you unwind and relax with some good reading sessions. So, choosing the right home library furniture is utmost important. You have to choose the home library furniture according to the space available. If you just want to use the space for reading and study, then you may add a writing desk and a few comfortable chairs. The best chairs for the home library are the one with exposed wood and upholstered seat along with a backrest. For a luxury space in the library, you may add a centre table, couch, home theatre, love seats for laidback space and more.

Choosing Lighting Options

Based on the area and home layout, some of the spaces receive more natural light than others. Visibility is very crucial for good reading experience and traditional libraries are usually dim. Floor lamps and scatter table lamps provide the required lighting. But if possible ensure to build your home library in the area where maximum natural lighting is available for comfortable reading. Accented lights fixed to shelves or mould concentrates more on individual section and this makes reading and spinning books easier. Candles can be the warm addition to your reading rooms, but ensure to blow it when the space is vacant.

Adding Decor

Most of the home libraries usually follow the traditional design rules to achieve that class and warm look. But decor ideas for home library vary from small to large spaces and depend greatly on the overall dimension of the room. Tall libraries look dignified when it is equipped with sliding ladders and modern elements like statues and clocks complement any size home library. The best Affordable Home Library Ideas include personalizing the space with travel souvenirs and family photos. The key accent includes upholstered furniture, oriental rugs and window treatments, all these things offer timeless cosiness to your private home library without burning hole in your pocket.

Whether focusing for a traditional or luxurious home library or modern and fresh space for your book collections, a personal and private home library is must for literary buffs.

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  1. I have always wanted a library at home, but never really found inspiration to go ahead with it. This blog somehow is motivating me to start thinking about it. I will be back once I get my home library set up!

  2. Interesting article; I fully agree that the ideal private home library can be created anywhere you choose around your home with the proper design and Home Library Decor Ideas. The easiest method to make room for all of your favorite books to be stored is by building a home library. You can design your individualized literary haven and give all your paperbacks and hardcovers the consideration they merit with the aid of amazing and one-of-a-kind home library ideas. Designing your home library can be fun and challenging because there are so many different home library ideas available. People who desire a library in their house typically adore reading and seek the ideal setting in which to do so. The information is very much helpful for me. I am surprised that there are many nice and unique ideas and tips for building your home library.


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