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Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration Ideas: from small size home to big, from office to factory, here you will find the latest, unique and attractive interior decoration ideas and tips with pictures. Our interior decoration experts bring the latest and mind blowing designs for your home and office so that you can get a different feelings while entering in. Have a look on all these ideas and feel free to write to us if you have any query. We are happy to help you through our website.

15 Most Beautiful Pooja Room/ Mandir Designs For Home

15 Most Beautiful Mandir Designs For Home

Pooja Mandir is a sacred space where we offer our daily prayers and perform puja rituals. A well-designed pooja mandir can elevate the mood...
Bedroom False Ceiling Design

Bedroom False Ceiling Design. Modern, Simple, Trendy Designs

The bedroom is where we spend a good chunk of our time, whether it is for sleep or just relaxing. There are many different...

Living Room POP Designs Ideas with Photos. Modern, Trendy Designs

Everyone wants his living room to look captivating. One can have various ceiling interior decorator options. However, the installation of POP designs in living room...
gallery, lobby plus minus pop design

Lobby / Gallery Plus Minus POP Design Ideas with Photos

POP (Plaster of Paris) design is an age-old technique used to create three-dimensional (3D) objects from a two-dimensional (2D) surface. It is a popular...
3 Bedroom Indian Style House Map

3 Bedroom House Plans & Modern Designs for Every Budget

Looking for a three-bedroom house plan? You've come to the right place. Our plans offer plenty of space for you and your family. Plus,...

Green Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Looking for a two-color combination for your bedroom walls? Green two-color combinations for bedroom walls can be very effective. Green is a great option! Green...
POP arch design

Trendy POP Arch Design for Hall, Living Room, Porch with Images

There are many reasons why the POP arch design is gaining popularity in Indian homes. One reason is that it can be used to...
Best POP designs for dazzling up your house

Best POP designs for dazzling up your house

Introduction  POP designs or Plaster of Paris designs are insanely popular for the false ceiling of modern houses all around the globe. It is made...

POP Colour Design and Modern Color Combination

POP colors are those that are super bright and in-your-face. They're the colors that make you do a double take, and they're often pretty...
two colour combination for bedroom walls

Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls: Create The Right Balance

Our House Interiors plays a pivotal role in revealing our personal taste and especially if it is your bedroom. Everyone has their own thought...