Vastu Tips for Sitting Arrangement in Your Office


In ancient India, Vastu Shashtra was used as the architectural measure. From construction to interior designing and sitting arrangements, everything can be done as per Vastu rules. When employers fail to observe the importance of Vastu for sitting arrangement in office, the workplace becomes a disjointed office with no synergy in it.

Office Sitting Direction

The perfect direction of office cubicles, computer desks, employer’s sitting and cashier’s place make the working conditions perfect. So, to ensure prosperity and a huge influx of positivity follow these Vastu tips for sitting arrangement in office.

Employer’s Cabin for Fame and Prosperity

  • The workplace of the department head must be in the West or the South direction of the building

Office Cabin Direction Vastu

  • The person must be facing the North or the East direction while sitting.
  • Entry to the cabin should be from the Northeast direction.
  • Open space behind the desk is preferred for Vastu compliant sitting arrangement.
  • It is also suggested that the head of the department must have a rectangular cabin.

Office Sitting Direction As Per Vastu 

  • Executive level employees and the rest of the staff should sit in the Eastern or Northern directions.
  • To exactly follow the Vastu Shashtra for office make sure the field staff is sitting in the Northwest zone.
  • The South-eastern direction is the best-suited location for the accounts department.
  • The North-western portion of the office should be utilized for the marketing department.
  • All the employees should face North or East direction to make sure the sitting arrangement in office is as per Vastu.
  • For a Vastu compliant sitting arrangement, no one should sit under the beam.
  • Personnel with computers and electronic equipment should also be shifted.
  • Employees who need improvement can be shifted to the Western direction in office.
  • South-east is the best direction for pantries; however, make sure the cashier sits in the South or the South-west direction.

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Vastu Compliant Sitting Arrangement for Visitors and Reception

  • Chairs in the reception area or office lounge should be placed towards the South or the West Wall.

Sitting Arrangement Visitors

  • The Northeastern direction is best for reception, and the receptionist must be facing the North or East.
  • For multi-storied complexes, the chamber of general manager and visitors lounge should be on the lowest floor.
  • East is the direction of Lord Indra, make sure the fame and growth of this direction are leveraged.
  • Follow the Vastu Shashtra for office and make sure the furniture is installed like there is no obstacle near the doors.

Few Useful Tips

Try to follow the Vastu compliant tips for sitting arrangement and if sitting under the beam is unavoidable then it can be covered with a false ceiling. Likewise, employees who are facing the North direction can keep their files and electronic equipment to the left side, and those who are facing the East should install the computer to the right side of the table.

Work environment has become the most important part of our lives; therefore, we must try to practice office sitting direction as per Vastu to bring in the harmony and financial growth. Make sure your team makes the best out of the resources by following the above-mentioned tips.


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