Color Combination for Home as per Vastu


Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of construction with specific rules to allow positive energy flow within the living space. It is believed that if these rules are followed, then they help in promoting comfort, health, and prosperity of the family members. Vastu is applicable at all stages of construction starting from selection of the plot to the placement of furniture in the house.

Different rooms of the house have different functions and as per their utility, the Vastu rules vary for every space. Colors of the walls also play an important role in directing the energy flow. They have a profound impact on our psychology and emotions. Thus, Vastu has certain rules regarding the use of colors in the house as well.

Right Color for Every Direction as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu for home rules tell you how to use wall colors as per the planetary directions to impact the energy flow in a positive way. The five elements of our planet along with the directions make up these rules to help us achieve harmony in day to day life. You should try to apply the wall colors as per the following rules:

  • North: Green
  • South: Pink, coral red
  • East: White
  • West: Blue
  • North-East: Tones of green, yellow and blue
  • North-West: White
  • South-East: Silver white
  • South-West: Tones of brown

Vastu Compliant Colors as per activity

Every room is dedicated for a certain activity like bedroom for sleeping, living room for leisure, kitchen for cooking etc. Since colors affect our mood, every room should be applied with proper color for better outcomes and peaceful living. Following list shows what color can be used for every room to enhance your everyday’s experience:

Color Combination for Bedroom: As per vastu shastra, shades of green can be used for bedroom as it gives a soothing effect and help the mind to relax. In case, the bedroom is in the south side of the house, shades of pink can also be used.

bedroom-color-combination vastu



Color Combination for Children’s Bedroom: It is unlikely to have a separate study room for the children due to the shrinking space in vastu. Therefore, color of the children’s bedroom should help them concentrate in their studies. Green color facilitates in focusing the mind and provides a peaceful atmosphere for studies.


Vastu Compliant Color for Living Room: The living room has maximum activity and the family meets in this room. Tones of blue is ideal in room meant for activity. Alternatively, yellow and beige can also be used. According to vastu, you should not use dark colors in your living room. Ideally, living room comes when we enter in the house and entrant should not see dark color when he/she enters in your home.



Kitchen: The kitchen relates directly to our health and hygiene. Light shades of red, yellow or brown should be used here. Vastu Shastra says, Avoid dark colors in kitchen and try to use green, light green or mehndi color in kitchen.

A judicious use of colors on the walls of the house helps in harmonious living.


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