Vastu for Bamboo Plant – Location, Direction & Useful Tips


Vastu for lucky bamboo or bamboo plant depends on its location and direction in home or office. Vastu places a very important role when it comes to lucky bamboo.

Get Good Luck And Prosperity With These Vastu Tips For Bamboo Plant

The architectural science of Vastu Shastra is not only applied to buildings and furniture arrangements; the importance of indoor plants is also mentioned in Vastu Shastra for good health, fortune, peace, and prosperity. The science of 4 cardinal directions can also be applied to the majorly accepted sign of good luck and prosperity, the bamboo plant. Keep reading to know how you can attain the maximum benefits of this wonderful plant by following the rules of Vastu for lucky bamboo.

Benefits of Bamboo Plant

Originated in Southeast Asia, lucky bamboo is an easy to care houseplant which has its significance in both feng shui and Vastu Shastra. It is a tropical water lily type of plant that is widely preferred by people due to its unmatched benefits:

  • Bamboo helps to keep the environment clean.
  • The plant is well known to bring good luck and good fortune to the occupants.
  • Bamboo plant can be grown in directions where there is low and indirect light.
  • The stems of this plant give an appealing look to the décor of any style of home.
  • Lucky bamboo plant is trusted to create space energy and safety of house owners.
  • Lucky bamboo is lucky when you get it as a gift; hence the plant is a good option for gifting purpose.

Suitable Directions to Grow Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plays a significant role in activating positive energy, therefore you should know about the ideal locations to place the plant in your home. It is an easy to care plant, which can grow easily in dim lights, so you can plant lucky bamboo inside your house.

Lucky Bamboo Vastu - Indoor Plant

As per Vastu, the ideal directions to place lucky bamboo are east or southeast. The eastern direction represents family so it is best to place the plant here. The southeast direction denotes wealth area, so in order to activate positive energy and wealth place the plant in the southeast direction.

Things to consider when buying Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a sign of good luck so if you are buying it then make sure to follow these instructions to avail all the benefits.

  • Always buy healthy bamboo stems that are in a rich shade of green.
  • Buy the plant with a transparent container which allows you to see the roots.
  • The effect of Bamboo depends on how many stalks you are going to buy. So consider the guide to determine your luck:
    • As per Vastu it is advised to buy bamboo with 3 stalks, it is good for longevity and happiness.
    • A 5 stalk bamboo plant denotes good wealth.
    • If you want prosperity and favorable conditions then find a plant with 6 stalks.
    • Lucky bamboo with 7 stalks is a sign of good health.
    • For growth and prosperity, it is advised to bring bamboo with 8 stalks.
    • A bamboo plant with 10 stalks is considered to be complete and perfect.
    • For all purpose blessings, you can buy lucky bamboo with 21 stalks.

Vastu Tips for Lucky Bamboo

It is very important to grow and take care of bamboo plant as per Vastu guidelines. Follow these tips to invite wealth and prosperity:

  • Always place the plant is the right direction.
  • Use of yellow or dark green bamboo stems is strictly prohibited in Vastu.
  • The plant should represent all five elements such as earth, fire, metal, water, and wood.
  • Use pebbles in the container to denote earth, tie a red color band to denote fire, put a coin to denote metal, fill in with water and the plant itself denotes wood.

Always use filtered water, don’t keep the plant in direct sunlight and never forget to trim yellow leaves to invite good Vastu in your lives. If you follow all these tips you will surely be able to bring prosperity and good luck.

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