Importance of Shami plant in Vastu Shastra


Vastu effects of planting shami tree plant in your home: Who said Vastu is only associated with buildings and objects? Vastu Shastra is also applied to the plantation of flowers and trees in the house. When you are planting a tree in your house, it is recommended to check Vastu for plants, as the plantation of flower/trees can highly affect the environment and energy circulation in-house.

What Vastu says about Shami Plant

According to the Vastu experts, if your horoscope is under the influence of Saturn or Shani, then you need plant shami tree in your house. Yes, it is true that the studies of Vastu Shastra are one of the best remedies which can resolve the issues of Shani. The appropriate Vastu location for shami plant is in the west direction of the house. But if you are not aware of Vastu Shastra and are planting the shami plant in some other direction of the house, then the consequences of shani will be more, and it will lead to ultimate destruction of house or life. Well, for that reason, it is highly recommended to avail effective vastu shastra suggestions from the experts.

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History of Shami Tree

Shami tree is one of the sacred trees in the world, and which is worshipped since ancient ages. Well, it is believed that, if you are worshiping a shami tree, then it will efficiently clean and remove all your sins. According to the Hindu mythology, pandavas submitted their weapons to the shami tree and worshipped for victory, before the war. Indeed, shami tree has got an important role in both astrology and vastu shastra. Therefore, the individuals highly value the presence of shami tree inside the house.

For everything in this world, there is a specific vastu shastra. If the vastu shastra is against a particular work or thing, then it’s for sure, that work is not going to happen. For this reason, the individuals consider the vastu tips before starting something fresh or new. Mainly, when it’s about new construction works or placement of rooms in the house. Just like this, it is also necessary to seek Vastu Shastra for shami plant plantation. As shami plant is a powerful and scared plant, it is very important to place the tree in an appropriate place.

Vastu Suggestions from Vastu Experts

The Vastu experts will analyze the Vastu of your house first. After understanding the complete Vastu of your house, they will suggest you an appropriate location for the plantation of shami tree. Mostly, the shami trees are planted in the west side of house. The experts also provide an auspicious time and day to plant the tree in the premise. Look, everything which is happening in your life, is as per the movement of planets in the universe. So, you need to plant the shamitree on an appropriate time, suggested by the expert.

Shami Tree Vastu

As shami tree represents the Shani Mahadev, the placement of shami tree in the house matters a lot. By taking suggestions from a Vastu expert, you can easily ensure proper plantation of the tree in the house. Once the shami tree is planted in a perfect location, it will greatly enhance the flow of positive energy in the house. Again, because of its medicinal properties, it also improves the health of occupants living inside the house. Well, there are no side effects of planting shami tree in the house, instead it will bring you more prosperity and good luck in your life.

Some individuals don’t believe in the vastu shastra and plant shami tree on their own. If you are one of them, then the consequences are upon you. But it is strictly recommended to grab suggestions from an expert, as there are no Vastu drawbacks.


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