5 Easy Tips To Maintain Indoor Plants


We are all aware of the fact that plants are the important part of our environment. If your house is missing the touch of greenery and its benefits, you can have a pleasant experience of plants in your home by having some indoor plants. Interior plants help in purifying air. To maintain these indoor plants healthily then you need to provide a good environment to plants. Here are few easy tips to maintain indoor plants.

  1. Light

To have a proper life’s cycle of plants, the amount of light should be good. East facing window is best for a proper amount of light. Artificial light can be provided by incandescent tungsten filament bulb. To have a balanced spectrum, you need to combine daylight lamps with warm white bulbs. It is advisable not to keep plants where they get covered with a curtain. When buying an indoor plant just make sure that roots are not black or brown.

  1. Temperature

Temperature requirements vary from plant to plant. Interior plants can grow well with the temperature ranging between 58 degrees F-86 degrees F. Temperature near windows will be colder so make sure to remove plants away from windows at night. For best results, during the night, turn down your thermostat. Plants, for which cool conditions are favorable, set your thermostat at 60-70 degrees F during the day and lower at night. Plants which are warm environment lover set your thermostat at the 80s in the daytime and lower at night. A sign of incorrect temperature is that flowers start dying quickly and leaves starts falling and yellowing.

  1. Water

Providing proper quantity of water is essential for their growth. Larger plants need more water. If your plant is in a small pot, you need to water it frequently. Quantity of water is directly proportional to amount of light. Excess in the amount of water can lead to accumulation of soluble salt which can reduce the growth. You should keep in mind that water should be free from chemicals like chlorine or fluorine. Try to larger pots for faster growth of plants.

  1. Growing Medium/Soil

A healthy soil is needed to grow healthy plants. Plants need rich soil. It should be porous and should contain moisture and nutrients. Make sure that your soil is free from harmful insects or diseases. Keep them as much neat as possible.  You can use homemade potting soil which reduces drainage of nutrients and moisture.

  1. Relative Humidity

For interior plants following are the measurements of humidity, below 20% is considered low, 40%-50% is medium and above 50% is high. Most of the plants require high humidity. To maintain humidity in your house, you can use a humidifier or spray water around plant using mist bottle. Grouping the plants together or keeping them close to each other will increase humidity. Best relative humidity is around 50-60 % whereas thin-leaves plants require a humidity level 0f 70%.


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