Teek Wood vs Sal Wood Vs Mindi Wood


Choose the best wood to make comfortable, stylish and elegant house

It is true to say that the construction as well as interior decoration of any house is incomplete without the wooden work. All the common structures including vehicle shed, doors, garage, deck, roofing, furniture, stairs etc require wood to construct. No doubt, you can give a perfect look to the wood by cutting it in different shapes and sizes as it comes in various forms. The wood gets differentiated on the basis of its nature and thus every construction in the house is done with different types of wood.

Teak wood: Teak wood is known for its durability and water-resistant nature and more often used in making furniture. When you think about using teak wood for the interior of your house, no need to worry about power wash, paint, sand or stain as it lasts for a long time without the need of maintenance. You just simply have to wipe the furniture with a soft cloth or spray water and then clean it. Teak wood can be identified as it is yellow in color and perfectly used for indoor and outdoor modifications and due to its strong and hard nature, moths cannot damage it.

Teak Wood


Sal wood: Sal wood is dark-brown in color and used in making doors, wooden beams, piles and window frames. It is used to provide support or strength and not for furnishing. Sal wood is easily available in the market as timber logs whereas in some markets is available directly in the form of window frames and doors. Sal wood is stronger, harder, rough and less expensive than teak wood and immune itself by the attack of fungus, insects and white ants. It is used for making interiors as more exposure to sunlight results in the cracks on the wood.

Sal Wood


Mindi wood: Mindi wood is also known as marindi wood or white cedar wood and used in making interior of the door, cabinets, shutter, furniture, chests, window frame, boxes etc. The main properties which make this wood more popular are brownish-grey in color, grained, durable, strong, more expensive than sal wood and immune to fungus, white ants and insects. Mindi wood due to its smooth nature can be easily handled, polished and maintained and the best way is to simply wipe the furniture with cloth which is enough to retain its shine for a long time.

Mindi Wood

The unique characteristics of wood make it different from one another. Thus, choosing the high quality of wood is an important decision to make your house more elegant and stylish.



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