Modular Kitchen Ideas: Experience the Future of Modular Kitchen


Gone are the days when kitchen used to be one of the most narrowed down spaces of any house when it came to its utility. With modern day living which is in vogue among most people these days, kitchens in households have become a space for reflecting ones taste in interiors and It is as if, the kitchens these  days have a life of their own.

Latest Modular Kitchen Design

Starting from the very basics to the very advanced modern day kitchens spells life for most household. Never has it ever been a case when the rest if the house is done with an eye on sheer artistry but the kitchen is left out to be the mediocre addition to the entire living space.

Modular Kitchens are the Future.

Are you ready for the future?

With the various enhancements and developments that have happened to the kitchen décor and the overall look and feel of a modern day kitchens, an entire industry enabling the same has mushroomed around it. The latest being the craze over modular kitchens.

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Ideas & Designs:

As the name suggest these are L shaped modular kitchens as shown below. To view latest L-shaped modular kitchen designs with photos click: L Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs with Photos

L Shaped Kitchen Design

G Shaped Modular Kitchen Ideas & Designs

View all G Shaped Modular Kitchens designs here

G Shaped Modular Kitchen

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Ideas & Designs

Design of U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

Parallel Modular Kitchen Ideas & Designs

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen

Be it any kind of modular kitchen one opts for L shaped modular kitchen, G shaped modular kitchens or the very basic parallel modular kitchen, one thing that does not change is the minimalistic and utility driven designs. As it can be seen that people have switched from getting themselves posh and large spaces that are not well-designed for optimal utility to spaces that are cozier and high on utility.

Kitchens, in such homes especially Indian kitchens tend to be smaller. Here we present some of the best ideas that have been going around for a while that have been substantially customized from the original German modular design. 

Modular kitchen with monochrome accents:

The fact that modular kitchens are easy to install in any of the spaces one might need to move in to, monochromes are new hit among the masses. Tastefully done with black and white tops and working area in glass, stone and steel, these kind of modular kitchen epitomizes simple and appealing living.

Wooden glow-up Kitchen Modules:

As the name suggests these kinds of kitchen modules use generous amounts of woodwork. For cabinet and pullouts only the best quality of timber is used that renders it certain classiness to the entire look. The tops and the working areas are made out of steel and granite wherever necessary. In addition the entire module comes equipped with lighting of its own that makes the entire space very stand-alone and cozy.

The Classic Modular Designs:

Straight out of the modular kitchen playbook, these kitchen modules use granite in its build and look. The cabinets and pullouts are swankier and definitely score more when it comes to utility and durability. The best part of such modular designs of kitchen space is the fact that they need very little customization in order to fit in and look in resonance with the rest of the house.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Tasteful and contemporary designs with very little need for you to shell out extra bucks, what else can one possibly ask for!


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