Get Sizzling Ideas for your Kitchen


Gone are the days when kitchen was neglected by all when it comes to decoration. It was only considered as a cooking area which has no special appearance. There was a mud cook stove heated by burning wood, charcoal, animal dung or crop residue. It used to make all persons, who are sitting nearby really uncomfortable. But Now a day kitchen is considered as important as like other rooms of the house. In market lots of equipment are available which give you a breath of relief from all the old hustle and give the room a lavish and beautiful appearance. But more important is, it should be practical and functional. Kitchen is the most important area for the person who cooks or serves food. Food would be delicious if cooked in good environment.


It will provide you a lot of space for cooking and you can also use the corner spaces. L-Shaped kitchen can easily make U-Shaped kitchen by adding cabinets/island to the other side.

You can give your kitchen a different look. Here are some ideas by which you can change your kitchen from regular look to a modern look.


  1. Gallery kitchen: in this we divide the room in to two portions. It can be as long as you want. It is efficient for small kitchen space which is rectangular in shape. It is also known as corridor kitchen.


2. Two way gallery kitchens: As the name suggests person can enter in the kitchen from both sides. This kitchen gives you a more storage space. But it is compact in size. This kitchen can be easily converted into a u-shaped kitchen by closing the one side door.

two-way-Galley-Kitchen-decorchamp two_way_galley_kitchen_decorchamp

3. G-Shaped kitchen: The Gshaped kitchen has 4 sides, the fourth side being a peninsula. This layout provides the most cabinet and counter space G-Shape kitchen is mostly used for the bigger families. Multiple peoples can work together very easily and it’s a greater kitchen idea for storage space.


4. One wall kitchen: In this one wall kitchen all the kitchen accessories are arranged along a single wall. So the workflow while cooking is quite smooth. It give you more space to move around.




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