Flush Doors vs Wooden Doors


Flush doors or wooden doors: Choose to enhance the beauty of your house

Doors play an important role in terms of appearance and security. Thus, doors have different styles and functions depending upon the place where we have to place them. External doors leave the first impression on the minds of the guests whereas internal doors enhance the overall beauty of the house. So, think about the requirement before you choose the door i.e. whether you require a heavy door or a fancy door? Today, doors are available depending upon their purpose and two such choices are flush doors and wooden doors.

Flush Doors: Flush doors are made of timber frame and due to its simplicity and versatility on the surface, it become a favorite from the last many years. A flush door is smooth with a flat surface and usually made of a lamination, MDF or plywood. Flush doors require less effort and accessories to install.

bedroom door designs by decor champ
Flush Doors

The plain surfaces of the door do not gather any dust. Simply cleaning of the door with a dry cloth becomes easy to maintain it. Some of the main advantages of the flush doors are:

  • They come in attractive colors having warm appearance.
  • These are simple to design and more durable in nature.
  • These are easy to clean and do not require any type of refinishing.
  • They are resistant to any crash, split, rot, scratches or stains.
  • They are less in cost and easily available.

Wooden Doors: Wooden doors are made from wood and require minimum efforts and accessories to install. This type of door requires wooden shutter that can be used in cabinets, windows, toilet, ventilator opening and at the entrance. The wooden shutters used in making the doors need more time and cost when compared with the flash shutters.

wooden door designs

These doors comes in various designs and need cleaning and refinishing as they collect more dust. Wooden doors are easily available in the market with latest designs or you can also make the doors at home by guiding the carpenter with the designs. Some of the main advantages of wooden doors are:

  • These are easy to install and provide style, warmth and beauty to the home.
  • These can be adjusted and cut depending upon the size by providing minor changes to the original door.
  • These provide insulation to the specified area and thus become more effective than aluminum and steel doors.

Each type of door has its own importance and features and the only thing is to match them with your own requirements.



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