Budget friendly options for Wall cladding for Office/Shop


Over the years, the evolvement in a commercial landscape in India has introduced the concept of wall cladding. The designs are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but the concept also works best to dress up a building. In India, there is a huge upsurge in the variety of options available for wall cladding.

The evolving market for cladding material is not limited to visual part; now you will see designs and ideas for functional cladding. You might have seen photos of cladding ideas featuring laminate, vinyl, wood, plastic, and metal. This materialworks best for insulation and also provide a protective layer against moisture.

Gone are the days when construction industry used to demand concrete, brick or stone for cladding, now the commercial sector is shifting its focus towards the versatility and aesthetics. You can see it in the photos of cladding done with glass, uPVC, gypsum boards and other cost-effective materials.


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