Easy Home Decor Ideas For Diwali!


Are you short on cash? Did you spend the budget allocated for home decor on your clothes instead? Are you worried now how you are going to give your home a makeover this Diwali without breaking your bank? Worry not! Because this post has some awesome diwali decoration ideas covered for you. Let’s get started!

1) With fairy lights

If you are someone who is fond of Diwali as well as Christmas lights, fairy lights can be your best investment. Invite a fairy tale like feeling in your rooms with them. You can look up to Pinterest for various inspirations and on how to decorate with them in different ways. Another bonus with them is that they instantly add to that cozy look in winters. You can even wrap them around branches of trees in your backyard for an ultimate festive look.

fairy lights doorway

2) With candles

Yes! That’s a no brainer! But it’s still sad to see so many people under-estimating the power of candles for their home decor. The usual scene is keeping candles in balconies or on the edges of the stairs. However there can be more to this. One can use glittering candles and combine them as a statement piece to be placed on their coffee tables. Then there can be colorful ones bought which can be placed in your otherwise monochromatic theme house. Don’t forget candle stands to bring in metallic hues which are a big hit this season!

Diwali Diya Decoration

3) With paper lanterns

Are you confused on how to decorate your backyard this Diwali? Does the idea of decorating simply with lights feels boring for you? How about adding a host of colors with paper lanters? Yes! Not just is this idea cost effective but incredibly easy to incorporate too. You can make them on their own with easy materials or even buy them at low prices. They can be hung easily to add that vibrant look to your house.

paper lanterns decoration

4) With flower bowls

If the inclusion of colors, lights and lanterns looks all the same to you, adopt this way! Buy big transparent bowls and some flowers. You can go for real ones or fakes ones as per your taste and preferences. Fill the bowls with water till medium height and then add flowers to them for a beautiful look. The bonus of including real flowers in those bowls apart from having a nice smelling home would be the increased attractiveness quotient. Shop for flowers and gorgeous bowls online itself by availing fabfurnish coupons present on CashKaro.com. They will fetch you low prices and awesome Cashback deals.

flower bowls

5) With Sequins

Because you do not need disco balls to do that! Think of sequinned pillows in hues of metallic silver and golds! Or maybe DIY sequinned candle jars for which you need just gum and glitter. If you go for sequinned cushion covers, ensure to keep the other elements simple so as to not make your space look overwhelming. You can shop for a variety of such gorgeous cushion covers online without spending a dime by taking advantage of pepperfry coupons available on CashKaro.com.


6) With rangoli

Diwali feels incomplete without making out time for Rangoli. Right? And don’t worry about spending an eternity for making it if you aren’t good at it. With stencils available now, all you have to do is pick one in your favourite design and get started with colouring it. Easy peasy, right? You just need to come up with good colour combinations. Check Best Easy to Make Rangoli Designs for Diwali and do it easily.


Hope these tips help you give an instant Diwali makeover to your home!


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