Which one to prefer, POP or Wall Putty


In building development work, there are numerous perspectives or things to be carried out by building manager, for example, configuration, artwork and used material and so forth. In this article there is comparison between through POP and Wall Putty.

Wall putty is focused around cement or white powder. It is made for outer surface and inside walls, which is utilized for giving a defensive base, particularly for costly paints. It is additionally used to fill pores in walls and roofs. For minor occupations, putty can be effectively connected by a brush or with a spray. Plaster of Paris is not difficult to spread and level. It is fire safe and forms a thick surface to oppose typical thumps in the wake of drying. It grows marginally on the setting. It gives an enlivening inner part finish and stirs up effortlessly with water.

POP for Walls


The over smoothness of the putty surface diminishes the utilization of the paint. This implies that it additionally decreases the Dry Film Thickness of the Paint when connected on the Putty. What it successfully does is that the base proposed amount needed for the paint to perform exceptionally on outer surface per square feet is lessened to half. So it likewise diminishes the life and execution of the paint. As the base material needed to structure a defensive layers to withstand Sun Rays, Rain and the air contamination viably is not there. Because of the over smoothness of the Putty surface the Consumption is just 40% of the proposed material.

Plaster of Paris is utilized as a part of little applications; it sets up rapidly and dries hard. It doesn’t break the same way wall putty can. Wall Putty is utilized as a part of extensive applications for drywall fixing and joints. Mixes sets in different times relying upon the sort you buy.

Wall Putty


A portion of the Interior Design Magazines conveys tremendous full page promotions saying the Putty ensure paints from dampness and keep it from peeling off. The truth of the matter is that paint peels of just when there is dampness inside the wall i.e. because of waterproofing issues or ingestion of water in the wall because of vicinity of water like Bathrooms or Toilets. Presently Cement putty itself won’t turn out when there is water, yet the Paint, which forms a layer, will dependably peel off. So the false acknowledgment is made that utilization of cement putty inside the structure will keep the paint safe.

Most likely the putty application does make walls look smooth, however this is more pertinent if there should arise an occurrence of outside walls. In the inside walls, no cement putty application can match the POP finish.


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