What are the different types of plastering for construction


Plaster is used as a coating material for walls and ceilings during the construction processes. It is a mixture of dry powder, which is mixed with water when it is about to be used for construction. The material is used in every construction process, in fact, constructing a building without using plaster is practically impossible. Plasters form a hard coat that hides the bricks. There are various types of plasters available in the market that is used in various types of constructions; these can be also designed by the use of different types stones and gravels. Different types of plasters used in the construction processes are:

  • Rough Cast Plaster

It is a mixture of sand and gravel in a specific proportion, and the base of the plaster consists of two coats while the mortar cement ration of this type of plaster is 1:3. The plaster can be made more plastic by the addition of 10% of hydrated lime by volume of the cement during the preparation of the mortar.

  • Pebbled Dash Plaster:

The configuration of the pebbled dash plaster is similar to the rough cast plaster, except that pebbles of the size range of 6 mm to 12.5 mm are dashed against the surface, these pebbles get fixed in their position as when the mortar is hydrated and becomes hard.

  • Sand Faced Plaster

The first coat of the sand faced plaster is applied along with mortar cement in the ratio of 1:4 coupled with coarse sand. After curing the plaster for one week, the second coat is placed in the ratio of 1:3, while sponge is used in the second coat during the construction process and it is added to the cement when the cement is wet. The surface should be kept watered at least for 15 days.

  • Plain Face Plaster

The composition of this type of plaster is similar to the sand faced plaster except fine-grained sand is used instead of coarse sand. Process of sponging is not required in order to expose the coarse sands. This type of plaster is usually applied on the internal walls.

  • De Peter Plaster

It is a type of rough cast finished plaster that renders the coat of 12 mm thickness. When the plaster is wet, pieces of gravels are pressed into them with the hands. Thus, this type of plaster makes it possible to have beautiful designs and patterns on the surface by choosing materials of different colours.


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