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An entrance gate certainly makes a good impression, and if it is sturdy, durable and beautiful, then it will never fail to impress. Gates are, of course, very important as they serve a great purpose and are supposed to be attractive as well as practical.

How to Choose Gates?

Gates are applicable to apartments, bungalows, duplex, row houses and many other structures like offices, hospitals, schools and more. Gates come in various styles and materials and to choose the right one is very important or any structure. Homes need a different kind of main gate designs as compared to offices or schools. Let us take a look at materials that are best suited for gates. Most of all the security and the purpose of the gate should be fulfilled with any kind of gate that you wish to install at your place.

Metal Main Gates

Metal gates are preferred for its aesthetics and also for the safety that they provide. Metal gates are commonly used for bungalows and small houses. They come with different coating and is decorated with leaves, motifs, and logos. Coating can be done with gold, brass and silver plating. They also come in non-corrosive stainless steel gates and with customized designs as shown below:

Metal Main Gate Design Metal Main Gate Design

Stainless Steel Main Gates

Stainless steel gates are durable and come in all grades of steel. The high-quality material used is why they provide greater safety and security. They can be used with wooden planks as well. The laser cutting design makes it a very beautiful option. Stainless steel gates also come in a wide range, and you find different styles that come in various price range. Have a look on few popular stainless steel main gates below:

Stainless Steel Main Gate Design

Steel Main Gate Design Steel Main Gate

Wrought Iron Main Gates

Wrought iron gates too are preferred for its durability and its low maintenance cost. They are also affordable and can be installed easily in any environment. They are strong and also resistant to all kinds of weather. Besides, it also comes in various attractive designs and is preferred for its versatility. Have a look on few attractive wrought iron main gate designs below:

Iron Main Gate Design

Wooden Main Gates

Wooden gates have been popular since a long time. However, due to the wide use of other material and their affordability, wooden gates have taken a back seat. Wooden gates can also be highly sturdy and durable if they come with high-quality wood that has been treated well. a wooden gate can be designed in any fashion and various designs. However, it can be an expensive option as an entrance gate.

Wooden Main Gate Design


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