Saturday, January 21, 2017
House Plans

House Plans

Latest house map or plans designed by expert designers.

40 * 60 feet double story map

40 feet by 60 feet House Plan

Need house plan for your 40 feet by 60 feet plot ? Don't worry get the list of plan and select one which suits...

20 feet by 45 feet House Map

If you have a plot size of 20 feet by 45 feet i.e 900 sqmtr or 100 gaj and planning to start construction and...

30 feet by 60 feet (30×60) House Plan

It's always confusing when it comes to house plan while constructing house because you get your house constructed once. If you have a plot...




Getting Rid of Termites

Expert Tips for Getting Rid Of Termites Completely

Termites are the hard to notice dangerous pests that act silently and damage everything in your house. The most common problem about these pesky...

Type of Wallpaper Coverings

In today’s world we want our homes to be picture perfect .We want the best décor. When we talk about décor, the walls also...

5 All Time Fashionable Home Décor Trends

When it comes to home décor, gathering up the best ideas can become difficult for you. You want your home to look good, yet...
Indoor Plants Care

5 Easy Tips To Maintain Indoor Plants

We are all aware of the fact that plants are the important part of our environment. If your house is missing the touch of...