Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Home Architecture Construction


Check out the latest construction ideas before you are planning to get your house, shop constructed. We have listed very awesome ideas here. Check these out:

Tips To Remove Dampness or Seelan from Walls

The most common problem in residential buildings is wet walls or dampness. The problem is not just unsightly, but it also results in an...

Cracks in Buildings – Reasons and Prevention

Natural causes or poor building material; anything can harm the life of your beautiful home. cracks can be seen in commercial, residential and historical...

Choose the correct type of steel bars for your building

Choosing the correct type of steel bars during the construction of your building plays a very important role in calculating its durability and longevity....
Cement Types and Uses

Best Cement for House Construction

Correct quality cement goes a long way in making the buildings last long. However; selecting the right grade of cement is not always easy....