Sunday, October 22, 2017
Home Architecture Construction


Check out the latest construction ideas before you are planning to get your house, shop constructed. We have listed very awesome ideas here. Check these out:

Marble Flooring Types

Types of Marbles for Flooring

Common Types of Marbles for Flooring Marble flooring is pleasing to eyes and demanded widely because it adds a classic appeal to the architecture.  The...

Thermal Insulation of Home – The Ultimate Insulation Guide

Home thermal insulation is the best way to reduce your energy bills. Rather than adjusting the thermostat all day long, get home insulation to...
Coarse Aggregate

The Beginners Guide to Coarse Aggregate

You can find coarse aggregates in different areas of the construction industry. They are present in the asphalt mix, they are present as a...
RCC Roof Slab

RCC Roof Slab – Ultimate Guide to Find RCC Roof Slab Construction Cost

RCC Roof Slab - In the construction industry, when they use the word concrete, they are talking about reinforced cement concrete, also known as...
Traps Types and Uses

Types of Traps and Uses of Traps

All you need to know about Plumbing Traps- Types and Uses Only the plumbing experts can assure you a healthy and germ-free environment. With their...
Parapet Wall Design

Parapet Wall Design Ideas with Pictures

A parapet originally meant a defensive mini-wall made of earth or stone that was built to protect soldiers on the roof of a fort...
Brickwork Cement/Sand Ratio

Cement and Sand ratio for brickwork. How to Calculate

It is important to know the perfect ratio of cement and sand mix otherwise you won’t be able to achieve the desired output. The...
Construction Cost Calculator

Construction Cost Estimator

Turn your dream home into practical reality with construction cost estimator Everyone wants to have their own home. Some wish to have a big...
Cement Sand Ratio Plastering

The Ideal Cement and Sand Ratio for Wall Plastering

We all know, it’s a tedious job to monitor the journey of building a home. Since the construction industry is an unorganized sector, there...

Carpet Area, Built Up Area and Super Built Up Area

How to Calculate Carpet Area, Built Up Area and Super Built Up Area The number jargons you are going to face while making the decision...