Types of Marbles for Flooring


Common Types of Marbles for Flooring

Marble flooring is pleasing to eyes and demanded widely because it adds a classic appeal to the architecture.  The complementing effect marble can give to your home is hard to define in words. When it’s all about the flooring trends in the country, the first thing which pops into your mind is the playful color combination of different types of marbles or a serene beauty of white marble.

The rugged charm of marble is surely attention grabbing. A great way to enjoy the priceless possession is by installing it on the floors. The most luxurious floors in the sophisticated homes and hotels are made of marble. With hues of black, brown, green, red and white, you have a myriad of options for flooring.

Colors and Patterns in Marble

You can get blocks, slabs, and tiles of marble stone in varied colors. The most popular options in color and patterns include:

  • Breccia Marble: Demanded widely for flooring, the Breccia marble features all the darker and warmer categories of this natural stone. The most common colors in Breccia marble are deep browns and shades of red.
  • Calacatta Marble: This marble involuntarily gives a luxurious look to the interiors. Featuring bold vein patterns, the playfulness of Calacatta Marble is often accessible in warmer hues like yellow, green or dark shades of brown.
  • Carrara Marble: It is the most sought after variety of marble, featuring similar properties as Calacatta marble; the Carrara marble is often trusted to maintain the pristine look due to its pure white beauty. It is one of the lightest marble colors available in the industry.
  • Limestone: The tan or beige variety of marble is also recognized as limestone which is visibly porous. Limestone is also a category of marble and can be availed in earthy colors that are good options for bathroom floors and high traffic areas.

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Varieties in Marble

You may wish to install the adorable looks of green, white and pink marble in your homes, but due to the abundance of varieties, picking the right product is often overwhelming. Out of those 3000 varieties of marble in the world market, here you can see top marble varieties that are ruling more than 90% of the market in the country.

  • Makrana Marble:Found in Rajasthan, the marble stone comes with sub varieties like Kumhari, Doongri, Alberta, Chosira, PaharKuwan, Bhot, Adanga marble, Makarana Chalk, Abu white, and Makarana. This category is widely known for its serene vibes and pure white color.
  • Rajnagar Marble:The variety is found in a town named Kishangarh in the state Rajasthan. It is the largest marble producing area in the state, and here you can find dolomite and quartz varieties.
  • Other Varieties: Other common varieties include the Indo-Italian marble Andhi, which is found near Jaipur, Baroda Green Marble in Gujarat, along with slightly green Katni Marble of Madhya Pradesh.

Finishes in Marble

Marble has a porous surface, but usually, it is free from stains and cracks. Generally, you can get uniformly colored marble slabs and the options for floor finishes can be:

Marble Floor Finishing


  • Polished Marble:Featuring a mirror-like surface, it is good for interior flooring.
  • Honed Marble:The surface is velvety smooth, but it lacks the gloss of polished marble.
  • Sand Finish Marble: It features a non-reflective surface, which can be used for exterior installation.

If you want to attain the complete character of marble, then go for pure white Carrara marble flooring with a polished finish. However, sand and grainy finish of Rajnagar Marble in earthy tones are quite good for exterior surfaces.


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